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Economy & Jobs 04-05-2020

EU Parliament becomes shelter for vulnerable women during COVID-19 crisis

A European Parliament office in the Brussels city centre has been turned into a temporary centre for particularly vulnerable women affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Parliament staff are also cooking meals for charities and driving medical workers around, as part of efforts to help local authorities.
Economy & Jobs 24-03-2020

‘NEETs’: A youth group at high risk of poverty and exclusion

Education and skills gaps are not only a challenge for businesses seeking to recruit, they also make poverty and social exclusion more likely among young people who are excluded from labour and education at the same time. 
Economy & Jobs 06-05-2019

New report paints picture of rising inequality in Germany

With falling unemployment, increased exports and comparatively stable growth rates. Germany's statistics paint a positive picture. But many Germans have been left behind, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Freedom of thought 24-08-2017

Survey: Muslims well-integrated in Western Europe, but still face rejection

Muslims have come a long way towards integration into Western Europe, particularly in terms of language, education and work, but remain on the margins of everyday social acceptance, a study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung revealed on Thursday (24 August).
Agrifood 11-04-2017

Parliament calls for mandatory EU-wide food waste targets by 2020

EU lawmakers today (11 April) urged the European Commission to set binding EU-wide food waste reduction targets by 2020, to be met by 2025 and 2030.
Health 09-09-2014

Report: Roma in ‘poorer health’ condition than average

While it has often been proven that Roma experience extensive discrimination, violence and social exclusion, a new report financed by the European Commission also reveals that this has an overall negative impact on their health.

Millions of Europeans are poor despite having a full-time job

Thirteen million Europeans fall below the EU's poverty line despite having fulltime jobs, especially in Germany, according to a new analysis by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

Unemployment hits peak ‘not seen in 20 years’, Commission says

After five years of economic crisis and the return of a recession in 2012, unemployment is hitting peaks not seen for almost 20 years, according to a report by the European Commission published yesterday (8 January), which showed growing disparity between North and South Europe.

Britain refuses to join in with EU jobs strategy

By refusing to set a national target for employment, the UK government has set itself on a collision course with the European Commission, and is threatening to undermine the 'Europe 2020' strategy for growth that was agreed last summer by the leaders of all 27 member states.

EU ‘ignoring’ social impact of crisis, say NGOs

Austerity measures and public spending cuts are making life worse for the poorest members of society, whose plight is being "systematically ignored" by national and EU policymakers, according to anti-poverty campaigners.

Member states urged to eradicate homelessness

The EU should encourage member states to work towards ending homelessness and ensuring decent housing for all. So says a group of social policy experts, who are calling on the European Commission to develop an EU-level strategy for tackling homelessness.

Austerity casts shadow over Citizens’ Agora

Growing fears about the negative social impacts of austerity measures being implemented across Europe dominated discussions at the Citizens' Agora, held at the European Parliament last week (27-28 January).

EU unveils raft of proposals to combat poverty

With poverty and social exclusion affecting the daily lives of more than 100 million EU citizens, the European Commission yesterday (16 December) unveiled a raft of policy initiatives designed to address the causes and impacts of deprivation.

Andor: ‘We have to do more’ to fight poverty

Looking beyond the 2010 European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion, Employment and Social Policy Commissioner László Andor says the EU and its member states must keep working to find new and more effective ways to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged groups. He spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Regional Policy 22-11-2010

Poverty reduction is ‘key priority’ for future EU funding

Poverty reduction should be one of the main priorities of the EU's regional policy in the coming decade, according to László Andor, the EU commissioner responsible for employment, social policy and inclusion. Meanwhile, NGOs are concerned that member states' efforts to balance national budgets are pushing more Europeans into poverty.