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Non-discrimination 25-11-2021

Next German government pledges to fight racism, ensure diversity

The coalition agreement of Germany's Social Democrats, Greens and the liberal FDP puts a special emphasis on measures to guarantee the participation of side-lined and vulnerable groups and to fight racism on all fronts.

Portugal to approve strategy for boosting inclusion of disabled 

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa has announced that at the end of this month the government will approve a national strategy for the inclusion of people with disabilities, which will include measures to support employment and improve accessibility.
Health 23-05-2018

Raising awareness of disabilities through sporting Intégrathlon

Since 2009, the Intégrathlon has challenged preconceived ideas about disabilities with sports events organised in five towns in Seine-Saint-Denis. EURACTIV.fr went to Tremblay-en-France, one of the cities at the heart of this year’s project.
Health 18-05-2016

Loneliness can cause heart disease and strokes, says study

Loneliness increases the risk of developing heart disease and suffering strokes, new research has found.

Smart cities and urban laboratories

The Smart City World Congress provides a platform for innovators to meet with people who can implement their ideas. This year's edition is promoting projects that solve everyday problems. EURACTIV's partner El País - Planeta Futuro reports.

Inclusion in German schools needs work, says study

In Germany, more and more students with and without disabilities are sharing the same classroom, according to a new study by the Bertelsmann Foundation. Nevertheless, inclusion in certain schools is being carried out poorly. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Eurostat: 80% of Europeans broadly ‘happy’ with life

Despite a bleak economic situation, almost 80% of European adults still declare themselves generally satisfied with their lives, according to fresh data published by Eurostat ahead of the International Day of Happiness.

Social justice index reveals ‘highly explosive situation’ in Europe

The next European Commission must step up efforts to tackle social justice in the EU, as the economic imbalance between member states intensified during the crisis, warns the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Commission wants Roma kids at school

Making sure that all Roma children go to school is a top priority for the European Commission, which presented proposals yesterday (5 April) for each EU member state to develop a national strategy for Roma integration by the end of the year.
Regional Policy 10-03-2011

Parliament calls for EU strategy on Roma inclusion

The European Parliament yesterday (9 March) threw its weight behind an EU-wide strategy to support the social inclusion of Roma communities, but the European Commission is insisting that this should mainly be seen as the responsibility of national governments.

Britain refuses to join in with EU jobs strategy

By refusing to set a national target for employment, the UK government has set itself on a collision course with the European Commission, and is threatening to undermine the 'Europe 2020' strategy for growth that was agreed last summer by the leaders of all 27 member states.

Austerity casts shadow over Citizens’ Agora

Growing fears about the negative social impacts of austerity measures being implemented across Europe dominated discussions at the Citizens' Agora, held at the European Parliament last week (27-28 January).

EU unveils raft of proposals to combat poverty

With poverty and social exclusion affecting the daily lives of more than 100 million EU citizens, the European Commission yesterday (16 December) unveiled a raft of policy initiatives designed to address the causes and impacts of deprivation.

Andor: ‘We have to do more’ to fight poverty

Looking beyond the 2010 European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion, Employment and Social Policy Commissioner László Andor says the EU and its member states must keep working to find new and more effective ways to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged groups. He spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
EU Priorities 2020 02-02-2010

EU 2020 seeks to balance green growth and jobs

Governments, industry and stakeholders have weighed into the debate on the EU's new growth strategy, urging a stronger social dimension and the completion of the internal market.

More support needed for ‘social firms’

European governments should do more to encourage disabled and disadvantaged people into the workforce, says Sally Reynolds, founder of Social Firms UK, but she warns that too much subsidisation can "kill the entrepreneurial spirit".

EU’s first ‘Roma summit’ draws crowds and controversy

The event, organised by EU Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimír Špidla, managed to attract a big audience but produced little in terms of policy initiatives.

Commission proposes strategy to eradicate poverty

In a new communication, the Commission has made recommendations to member states on how marginalised people can be re-integrated into the labour market in order to meet the Lisbon target of eradicating poverty. 
Health 18-07-2007

Global project to develop statistics on quality of life

A world statistics forum bringing together major international organisations ranging from the UN and EU to the Islamic Conference has decided to launch a global project to measure societal progress - beyond conventional economic measures - in individual countries.
Transport 23-05-2007

Urban areas urged to tackle social exclusion

Europe must focus on providing increased mobility options for its marginalised citizens if it is to achieve its Lisbon targets of social inclusion, economic growth and job creation, transport stakeholders are urging.
Sports 15-05-2007

EU sports White Paper to address ‘inclusion’

The Parliament's Intergroup on Sport and Education and Culture Commissioner Jan Figel are to highlight the key role that sport plays in social inclusion.

Report: ‘Employment on the rise in Europe’

Commission reports give a positive assessment of employment in the EU member states, but challenges remain to improve social inclusion. 
Sports 16-10-2006

Football against racism week kicks off

A pan-European action week against racism and discrimination in football aims to address local problems within individual clubs or communities.
Economy & Jobs 14-07-2006

In some places, the working poor are even poorer

The purchasing power of workers receiving the minimum wage varies 1 to 7.5 throughout the EU-28, according to the most recent Eurostat figures. Seven member states still do not have a minimum wage.