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Economy & Jobs 14-03-2018

ILO concerned about the future of social dialogue

If social dialogue is to remain useful it will have to adapt to changes in the labour market. New, atypical forms of work have blurred the lines of the employee-employer relationship. The representativeness of these relations is a key issue. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 08-02-2018

Sectoral Social Dialogue: The promising side of industrial relations in the EU

The 44 Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees promote better working conditions in sectors as varied as the chemical industry or the footwear sector. It enjoys a lot of support and has received rave reviews but currently only affects a limited number of sectors. EURACTIV.fr reports.

Report: Companies score better with bottom-up employee engagement

Despite the slow economic recovery, a high number of managers and employee representatives in the EU report a good work climate, and say that the growing involvement of employees in companies’ daily decision-making is good for performance and economic growth.

Crisis slows progress on EU ‘flexicurity’ model

Opportunities for new ‘flexicurity’ policies combining job security with flexible working arrangements are limited at the European level by sharp differences between member states over social issues.

Gloomy prospects for Working Time Directive talks

Trade unions and employers' groups are set to start a dialogue on the EU's Working Time Directive before the autumn even though they disagree over the scope of the talks. Meanwhile, MEPs remain pessimistic about the chances that the two sides will eventually strike an agreement.

Time to rejig flexicurity, say SMEs

European social partners joined forces last week (25 March) to deliver to EU leaders their labour market vision, in particular the need for revised goals for flexicurity.