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Development Policy 26-06-2009

High expectations of Sweden at EU helm

As Sweden prepares to assume the EU's rotating presidency on 1 July, business, civil society and human rights groups alike are lobbying Stockholm to find a way out of the financial, economic and climate crises by promoting structural reform and ambitious policies.

Managing European social policymaking

"Finding the right mixture of European and national decision-making is key to a fair and efficient social policy for the twenty-first century," write Andrej Stuchlík and Christian Kellermann, researchers at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), a German think tank, in a January paper.

Reform Treaty leaves unions with mixed feelings

The European Trade Union Confederation and social NGOs have welcomed the new 'Reform Treaty' agreed upon by EU leaders in Lisbon last week. At the same time, they expressed disappointment over Poland and the UK's opt-outs from the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Council stresses social dimension of EU agenda

Although they were somewhat overshadowed by decisions that the Council made on climate change and better regulation, a large part of trade-union and social-NGO demands found their way into the Conclusions of the 8-9 March Spring Summit in Brussels. 

Parliament: “No alternative” to reforming social model

The Parliament adopted, with a broad majority, its own-initiative report on a European Social Model for the future.

Flexibility and social security key to employment, experts agree

The model of flexicurity - a combination of easy hiring and firing, high benefits for the unemployed and a pro-active labour market policy - could solve many of Europe's unemployment problems, experts at a conference agreed.

Irish Premier urged to prioritise sustainable development in Spring summit agenda

Meeting with the EEB, ETUC and the Social platform on Monday, Irish Premier Bertie Ahern received a joint plea to launch a major programme of public investment focusing on sustainable transport and social housing.
Economy & Jobs 11-12-2003

European Social dialogue and Civil dialogue

This report was issued after a seminar organised by Notre Europe on 10 June 2003 with the collaboration of the European Economic and Social Committee.

EU enlargement – risky leap forward?

The paper warns that the EU has not properly considered the impact of enlargement on its internal functioning.

European social model is key element of Lisbon modernisation

The European social model helps to achieve the ambitions of the Lisbon agenda of making the EU the world's number one knowledge economy. This is the key message of a study on the "costs of non-social policies" prepared by DG Employment and Social Affairs for the mid-term review of the Social Policy Agenda.
Health 18-02-2003

Society at a Glance: OECD Social Indicators 2002 Edition

Society at a Glance: OECD Social Indicators 2002 Edition Social policy covers a great number of issues that are both diverse and interlinked. For instance,social exclusioncan only be tackled by addressing simultaneously barriers to labour market re-integration, health care issues...

Social NGOs call for action in Stockholm

Platform of European Social NGOs calls for action at Stockholm Summit to ensure development of socially inclusive Europe

EU to raise retirement age?

EU finance ministers will next week discuss proposals to raise the retirement age in an effort to find a cure for the looming pensions crisis
Fighting poverty 18-10-2000

New measures against social exclusion

EU Social Affairs Ministers agreed on new measures to fight social exclusion
Fighting poverty 10-07-2000

Consensus on social agenda and fight against social exclusion

EU Employment and Social Affairs ministers agreed on French Presidency plans for a European social agenda and measures to fight social exclusion.

EU acts against sexual harassment

Commissioner Diamantopoulou on Wednesday presented a Commission proposal to ban sexual harassment at work.