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Social security reform postponed until next European Parliament

Deep divisions among MEPs made it clear on Thursday (19 April) that the social security coordination directive, aimed at enforcing the rights of mobile workers, would be postponed for the next European Parliament, after May's EU elections.

Growing number of French shocked by income inequality

A new poll in France has revealed that income inequalities are among the least acceptable social factors. More than 90% of French respondents call for the minimum wage to be raised. EURACTIV's partner Ouest-France reports.
Economy & Jobs 12-12-2018

European Parliament brings ‘social Europe’ a step forward

EU social security coordination will make it easier for EU citizens looking for work to seek employment in another member state. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 23-11-2018

European Parliament strengthens European social pillar

The European Parliament has been working hard on the EU’s social policy, voting in favour of establishing a “European social watchdog” and coordinating social security systems on 20 November. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 02-05-2018

Expert: Basic income experiment did not fail

The Finnish basic income experiment is currently causing a stir, some even declare it has failed. That is not entirely correct but there are important decisions to make in Finland. EURACTIV Germany’s media partner “WirtschaftsWoche” reports.
Competition 18-10-2017

MEPs reach compromise on posted workers

MEPs adopted the equal pay for equal work principle but the maximum time posted workers are allowed abroad remains unanswered. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 11-07-2017

‘Gig economy’ workers deserve more rights, says UK review

Britons working in the "gig economy" for firms such as taxi app Uber and takeaway food courier Deliveroo deserve more rights, a government-commissioned report said on Tuesday (11 July).

Brussels prepares to overrule Eastern Europe on posted workers directive

The European Commission plans to reject 11 ‘yellow cards’ from the EU’s eastern member states on the new Posted Workers Directive. The debate has exposed a deep East-West divide. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 27-02-2015

Lack of social safety net hampers fight against killer diseases

SPECIAL REPORT: Billions of people in developing nations lack the health and social protections that most Europeans take for granted, a gap that experts say harms efforts to reduce poverty and prevent crises like the killer Ebola epidemic in West Africa.
Matteo Renzi (left) and François Hollande at the Milan summit on jobs and growth, 8 Oct. 2014 [Palazzo Chigi/Flickr]

Italy’s prime minister wins labour reform confidence vote

Matteo Renzi won the most important parliamentary confidence vote of his eight-month-old government early on Thursday (8 October), on a labour reform proposal he hopes will boost his EU credentials.
Soliders in northern Central African Republic. [HDPTCAR/Commons].
Development Policy 24-07-2014

Jobs and social security needed as income inequality widens, UNDP warns

More investment in jobs and social security, and the introduction of laws that offer vulnerable people greater protection, are required to halt the slowing of human development caused by income inequality, fluctuations in food prices, natural disasters and conflict.
Development Policy 19-03-2013

Study: EU should back social insurance for poor nations

The European Union could help reduce entrenched poverty by supporting social insurance systems in developing nations, says a new European Parliament study.

EU airline crew, cross-border workers land new social security rights

Airline crew will be eligible to use their ‘home base’ member states for social security purposes under new rules adopted on Wednesday (18 April) by a large majority of the European Parliament.
Public Affairs 11-03-2008

Interview: Belgium’s foreign workers register ‘not aimed at EU’

Limosa, a little-known scheme that requires foreigners to register with social security before heading to Belgium for temporary work, has raised concerns in Brussels EU circles. The official behind the scheme, Sarah Scaillet, seeks to clarify the new law in an interview with EURACTIV.

Unemployed workers’ mobility is conditional

The Court of Justice has ruled that unemployed workers, who receive benefits, must meet  conditions on residence before they are allowed to become fully mobile within the EU.

Flexicurity: can it work for France and Germany?

As Germany and France are struggling with the implications of labour reforms that Germany has already implemented and France is still deciding upon, the question arises of whether reforms should be based on successful Nordic models. 

Flexibility does not exclude social security, labour ministers say

At their 19-20 January 2006 informal summit, employment and social affairs ministers debated the benefits of the Nordic model of flexicurity, which brings together flexibility of the labour force with a high degree of social security.

Blunkett: look to European, not US social models

David Blunkett, the UK work and pensions secretary, argues that more important lessons are to be learnt for EU member states from successful European social models than from those of the US and Asia.

Danish industry director: turn changes into challenges

In an exclusive interview for EURACTIV, Hans Skov Christensen, director general of the Federation of Danish Industry, speaks out on the benefits that the model of flexicurity has from an employer's point of view.

Flexibility and social security key to employment, experts agree

The model of flexicurity - a combination of easy hiring and firing, high benefits for the unemployed and a pro-active labour market policy - could solve many of Europe's unemployment problems, experts at a conference agreed.

Employment ministers want ‘flexicurity’ in labour markets

At the Employment and Social Affairs Council meeting ministers presented a familiar yet vague catalogue of policy priorities designed to improve the EU's employment situation.
Health 02-12-2003

Ministers reach agreement on co-ordination of social security systems

In their meeting on 1 December, the Employment and Social Affairs Council reached political agreement on reforming the regulation on social security co-ordination.
Security 01-12-2003

New EU defence plans may raise US eyebrows

Britain, France and Germany have agreed plans to reinforce the EU's military capabilities. However, the deal is likely to raise US concerns about competition with NATO.
Health 01-10-2003

1 October – International Day of Older Persons

In the context of an ageing European society more attention needs to be drawn to the importance of adequate healthcare, volunteer work, social care, and the need to increase the participation of older persons in the labour force.