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Economy & Jobs 11-10-2021

The Post-COVID Recovery: Why are we no longer talking about Social Services?

Last year, we filled our doorways to clap and cheer in support of the health care and social service professionals keeping us safe. 19-months later and many of these vital services are still as underfunded and underrepresented in local, regional and national policies. Why?
Economy & Jobs 02-04-2020

Virus lockdowns put Europe’s invisible workers on front line

As the coronavirus outbreak confines millions of Europeans to their homes, others still show up every day to perform jobs too often undervalued -- from truck drivers and checkout clerks to security guards and street sweepers.
Regional Policy 12-05-2011

Regions want EU funds to back social innovation

Representatives of regions and cities are calling on the European Commission to focus EU funds on supporting new approaches to meeting social needs.

Commission puts faith in ‘social innovation’ to tackle exclusion

The European Commission is encouraging civil society groups and so-called 'social entrepreneurs' to participate in a new EU-wide initiative to promote new approaches in the provision of public services.
Competition 02-11-2010

Commission resists calls for new rules on social services

The European Commission sees no need for major changes to EU legislation affecting social services, despite pressure from politicians and social NGOs who claim that current rules cause problems for public authorities and service providers.

Regions fear worst of crisis is yet to come

Europe's local and regional authorities fear the economic climate next year could be even worse than 2009, according to a new survey. This is despite a return to growth in the eurozone economies and official predictions that the global financial picture will brighten in 2010.
Health 18-11-2009

Recession sparks mental health crisis

Demand for mental health services has increased over the past 12 months as people struggle to cope with unemployment, debt, home repossession and threat of redundancy, according to a new study.

CEDAG: ‘Confusion’ as EU services directive deadline nears

The European Services Directive, which EU member states must transpose into law by the end of this year, is a flawed agreement, according to Patrick de Bucquois of CEDAG, a European umbrella group for non-profit organisations.

‘Confusion’ as EU Services Directive deadline nears

The European Services Directive, which EU member states must transpose into law by the end of this year, is a flawed agreement, Patrick de Bucquois, incoming president of CEDAG, a European umbrella group for non-profit organisations, told EURACTIV in an interview.

Mixed reaction to EU’s social package

The Commission's long-awaited social package aimed at tackling discrimination and strengthening workers' rights, which was unveiled yesterday (2 July), was warmly welcomed by MEPs but business federations and civil society groups were dismissive, saying it falls short.

Social service providers call for protective regulation under EU Treaty

At a conference in Brussels on 28 January, French providers of Social Services of General Interest (SSGI) have called for clarity over the Lisbon Treaty's provisions concerning the sector, particularly regarding regulatory limits to opening up social services to competition. 
Transport 21-11-2007

Scaled-down public services proposal under fire

The Commission's decision to scale down its ambitions for public service regulation has been met with contempt by trade unions, public employers, NGOs and the Socialist Group in the European Parliament.

Public services ‘safeguarded’ in draft EU Treaty

A broad alliance of organisations, ranging from the Committee of the Regions to trade unions, has welcomed provisions on public services in the draft mandate for the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC), which will negotiate a new EU Treaty.

Parliament demands clarity on public services

Parliament tells the Commission to clearly distinguish services of 'general interest' from services of 'general economic interest' and to adopt legal rules accordingly.

Commission lays out social services scheme

In a Communication on Social Services of General Interest (SSGI), the Commission has defined what it understands by the term and outlined its position. The paper does not deal with health services, nor does it contain any policy initiatives.