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23 countries join forces on patents: Will some opt out?

By breaking ranks with the remaining four member states on creating a common patent, the larger group may ultimately force the holdouts to join them or be left behind.
Digital 17-01-2007

Study: Open-source software can boost EU economy

European companies are saving a lot of money on software investment and development, due to the existence and emergence of open-source software, a Commission-funded study finds.

EU braced for patent-battle revisited

Commissioner Charlie McCreevy will this week outline his patent policy plans to the European Parliament, but his support for a single European patent law is already under fire. 

EU in for new patent fight

As Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy makes "one final effort" to break the impasse on the EU community patent, campaigners warn that the Commission's proposal could bring back software patents "through the back door".
Digital 20-10-2005

European softwaremakers create ‘virtual Silicon Valley’

Twenty six software companies based in Europe or with major European subsidiaries have set up a new association to boost their industry and to represent it better on such issues as intellectual property rights.
Competition 08-09-2005

Microsoft fights to keep source code closed

The software giant is taking the Commission to the European Court of First Instance to prevent the source code of its server communication protocols from entering the public domain.
Security 14-07-2005

Commission proposes criminal measures for IP infringements

DG Justice and Home Affairs wants tougher laws for all intentional infringements of an intellectual property right on a commercial scale, including prison sentences.
Digital 07-07-2005

Computer patents

After the rejection by the Parliament of the proposed directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions, often dubbed as the "software patents directive", industry and associations are discussing consequences for Europe's patent regime and intellectual property rights (IPR) protection for computer programs. 
Digital 06-07-2005

Parliament ditches software patents

By a vast majority, parliament rejected the proposal on the patentability of software and other computer-related inventions on 6 July 2005. The Commission will not come forward with another proposal on the much-disputed issue.
Digital 06-07-2005

Showdown in software patents war

The EU tug of war around the patentability of software may be nearing an end as the Parliament prepares to hold its vote in second reading on 6 July 2005. 
Digital 21-06-2005

Patent law passes EP committee without major changes

The Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee adopted on 20 June the draft directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions. Most of the major amendments  proposed by the rapporteur, Michel Rocard, and other MEPs critical of the proposal were rejected. 
Digital 09-03-2005

Heated reactions to Council vote on software patents

MEPs, SME groups and anti-patent campaigners have reacted angrily to the ministerial agreement on software patents, promising a bumpy ride in Parliament at second reading.
Digital 04-02-2005

Parliament rejects the software patent directive

The European Parliament's legal affairs committee (JURI) has voted overwhelmingly for a complete restart to the negotiations on the EU's controversial IT software patents directive.
Digital 11-01-2005

MEPs in coalition to block software patents law

Led by former Polish PM Jerzi Buzek, 61 MEPs have introduced a motion asking the Commission to reconsider its proposal on the controversial software patents directive.
Digital 19-11-2004

Software patents law up in the air after Poland pull out

Poland's decision not to support a political agreement on the highly controversial software patents directive means the bill has an uncertain future.
Digital 19-05-2004

Council clashes with Parliament on software patents

EU ministers have rejected most of the Parliament's amendments to the software patents directive. The new Parliament will examine the text in second reading after the June elections.
Digital 11-05-2004

Tension grows as Council prepares to vote on software patents directive

The Irish Presidency's compromise deal on the software patents directive is to go to a vote on 18 May without discussion. The text sparked an outcry among MEPs and rights campaigners.

Council vote on software patents postponed until Irish Presidency

The Italian Presidency has taken a last-minute decision not to put the software patents directive on the Competitiveness Council agenda. The directive will now be examined under the upcoming Irish Presidency in 2004.

Investment in knowledge growing in OECD, but EU still lagging behind

A new OECD report shows that investment in R&D and software continue to grow in the developed world. However, the EU is still far off the 3 per cent target.

Controversial software patent directive clears Parliament

Concluding several months of heated debate, the Parliament approved on 24 September a pan-European law governing the application of patents to software programmes.
Competition 24-09-2003

Council notes progress on Community Patent regulation

The Competitiveness Council of 22 September concluded that the long-discussed proposal for a Regulation creating a Community Patent is making relatively good progress, with a political agreement foreseen by 10 November 2003.

Parliament delays vote on software patents

In the wake of protests by computer scientists and economists, the European Parliament on 1 September decided to delay voting on the controversial directive on the patentability of computer software.

Battle over patents for computerised inventions heats up before Parliament vote

In light of the Parliament's upcoming vote on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions, critics voiced their discontent with the Commission's proposal.
Agrifood 08-05-2003

European Patent Office limits controversial biotech patent for GM soybean varieties

On 6 May, the European Patent Office held a hearing concerning a patent monopoly by Monsanto on genetically modified soybeans.