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Data protection 18-09-2017

Privacy Shield: A strong framework for transatlantic digital trade

The Privacy Shield agreement has already improved data protection and digital trade between the EU and the US in its first year, and that should continue, writes Victoria A. Espinel.

Digital 22-11-2016

EU can harness the full potential of software

We live with the benefits of software every day; so much so, in fact, it easy to underestimate its contribution, explains Thomas Boué.

Digital 13-09-2016

French terror investigators grapple with Telegram app

Smartphone app Telegram, favoured by the Islamic State group thanks to the encrypted messaging it offers, is proving a headache for French anti-terror investigators.

Digital 13-10-2014

Coding moves firmly into the mainstream

SPECIAL REPORT: Once seen as the exclusive province of a handful of computer experts, coding has moved firmly into the mainstream as policymakers, educators and business have realised its potential.

Half of EU computer users admit they pirate software

Almost half (48%) of the computer users in the EU admit they have acquired pirated software, according to a new report by the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

Competition 04-09-2009

EU opens in-depth probe into Oracle-Sun deal

European Union antitrust regulators launched an in-depth probe yesterday (3 September) into Oracle's takeover of Sun Microsystems amid concerns that the deal could dent competition in the database market.

Competition 22-05-2008

Parliament under pressure for shunning free software

The European Parliament is discriminating against EU citizens by using software which is not freely available to everyone for its digital services, according to the open source community. But Parliament cited technical and security reasons to justify its decision.

Competition 15-01-2008

EU opens new antitrust probe against Microsoft

The European Commission has initiated two new investigations against Microsoft, which is suspected of abusing its dominant position by tying a range of software, including the browser Internet Explorer, to its dominant Windows operating system and refusing to make its products interoperable with those developed by competitors.

Digital 14-02-2007

Interoperability of ICT systems

In order to face the challenges of global competitors and boost the growth potential of Europe's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, hardware and software products, systems and networks need to work smoothly together. 

Digital 17-01-2007

Study: Open-source software can boost EU economy

European companies are saving a lot of money on software investment and development, due to the existence and emergence of open-source software, a Commission-funded study finds.

Digital 08-06-2006

Commission seeks advice on ICT sector shake-up

A task force representing all sectors of the industry, academics, consumer advocates and trade unionists will draft a report on how to foster the growth of Europe's Information and Communication Technology industry.

Digital 20-10-2005

European softwaremakers create ‘virtual Silicon Valley’

Twenty six software companies based in Europe or with major European subsidiaries have set up a new association to boost their industry and to represent it better on such issues as intellectual property rights.