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Agrifood 22-05-2018

Soil is the underrated issue of food waste challenge, says World Biogas Association boss

Food waste processed via anaerobic digestion can significantly improve nutrient recovery in the soil, and the process may have significant use in sustainable agriculture and in fighting climate change, David Newmann, president of the World Biogas Association, told EURACTIV.com in an interview
Debate: The future of organic farming in the EU
Agrifood 26-02-2016

Debate: The future of organic agriculture in the EU

Organic plays an increasing role in EU agriculture. There's also an ongoing trialogue negotiation on organic regulation review among the Parliament, Commission and the Member States.
Agrifood 06-12-2012

Commission isn’t ready to bury soil directive

The European Commission’s proposal for a soil directive has been stalled for more than six years, but Environment Commissioner Janez Poto?nik hopes the newly announced Environment Action Programme (EAP) will eventually revive negotiations on the controversial proposals.