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Global Europe 21-06-2011

Resetting EU/Turkey relations

It is time for EU-Turkey relations to be 'reset' following recent tensions,says Javier Solana. He goes on to argue that Turkish accession to the EU would enable Europe 'to become an active global player, rather than a museum'.
EU Priorities 2020 24-08-2009

Spanish support González EU presidency bid

Spaniards strongly support the candidacy of former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González to become the first permanent president of the European Council, according to a recent poll.
Security 14-11-2006

Ministers ponder Afghan police training

The EU wants to launch fact-finding mission. 
Security 29-09-2006

Iran-EU talks: ‘Positive but inconclusive’

"Important progress" was made during two days of talks between EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and Iran's nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, but nothing was officially agreed concerning Iran's controversial uranium-enrichment programme.
Security 12-09-2006

Iran: Solana upbeat about nuclear talks

Constructive talks, centring around a two-month uranium-enrichment freeze, encourage Javier Solana to push for more meetings. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has given the development a cautious welcome.
Security 04-09-2006

EU postpones Iran sanctions decision

Diplomacy must be given yet another chance before a decision on sanctions, EU foreign ministers decide, as Solana is sent to Teheran for more talks. 
Security 01-09-2006

Solana sees Middle East solution along 1967 borders

Boosted by a strong European troop presence in Lebanon, Javier Solana wants to push for a return to the pre-1967 war borders.
Security 01-09-2006

EU struggles for diplomatic solution with Iran

Foreign Affairs Ministers meet on 1-2 September to discuss how to deal with Iran's defiance of the United Nations deadline of midnight, 31 August 2006 to halt nuclear enrichment.  
Security 02-08-2006

EU demands “cessation of hostilities” in Lebanon

EU foreign ministers stopped short of asking for an immediate cease fire, but they agreed on the need for a political settlement before sending in a peacekeeping force.
Security 25-07-2006

EU nations ready for Lebanon peacekeeping force

France, Germany, Italy and Greece have signaled interest in joining a peace force. Solana sees European involvement as a 'real possibility'  
Security 09-06-2006

Barroso moves to boost EU on world stage

In absence of a new EU external action service and the EU foreign minister, both foreseen in the stalled constitution, Commission president Barroso now acts to streamline the existing framework.
Security 08-03-2006

Solana: “The world is not standing still”

With or without the Constitution the EU urgently needs to think about streamlining itself, says EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in a interview with EURACTIV.sk
Security 07-03-2006

Solana: EU needs strong partners

EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana talks about EU's role in the world, the Constitution, transatlantic relations and the role of the new Member States in this interview with EURACTIV.sk.
Security 27-01-2006

Cloos: ”You cannot end a 2.5 trillion dollar relationship”

The transatlantic relationship is of a far too wide ranging importance to be destroyed by squabbles such as the run-up to the Iraq war. The USA needs the EU and vice versa, argues Council director Jim Cloos.

Brussels prepares for international Iraq conference

An international conference on Iraq on 22 June will be attended by an – even by Brussels standards - extraordinarily high-ranking group of senior political leaders.

Solana sees coherent EU foreign policy ahead

The adoption of the Constitution is as important to the future of EU foreign policy as the Maastricht treaty was to the Euro, says Javier Solana. 
Security 17-03-2005

EU debates precise role of future foreign minister

The EU's Constitutional Treaty spells out a future 'double-hatted' foreign minister belonging to both the Council and the Commission. But will he have his own secretariat or be part of one of the two, and if so, which one? Turf wars lie ahead. 
Security 26-07-2004

EU threatens Sudan with sanctions

EU foreign ministers are expected to step up pressure on the government of Sudan to stop bloodshed in the Darfur region.
Security 14-07-2004

A Security Strategy for Europe – The Solana Strategy in the Wake of Madrid

The first issue of the Oxford Journal on Good Governance compares and contrasts the new security strategy of the European Union with the national security strategy of the United States.
Security 30-06-2004

Solana to answer that ‘call from Kissinger’

In a bid to ensure continuity in the conduct of EU external affairs, Javier Solana has been named as the EU's first foreign minister.
Security 14-01-2004

In Iran, Solana calls for fair elections

Amid a growing political crisis in Iran, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has said the country's February parliamentary elections will greatly influence Tehran's ties with the EU.
Security 09-12-2003

Summit to adopt new security strategy for the EU

The EU summit is expected to agree a new Security Strategy drawn up by the Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana.
Security 18-11-2003

EU to establish new defence agency

The EU will establish a new defence agency in 2004 to boost the Union's military capabilities and improve co-operation.
Security 23-06-2003

EU looks to bridge gap with US

The EU's leaders are rethinking their relations with the US after the Iraq war and plan to use the EU-US summit in Washington on 25 June to refocus priorities.