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Energy 12-01-2018

Accelerating the path towards ‘solar energy 3.0’

Europe is currently in the first stage of photovoltaic solar development. Moving to the next phases, 2.0 and 3.0, will require a smart new Green Deal that avoids the “boom-and-bust” developments of the past and leverages private investment to achieve high renewable energy goals, writes Stefan Degener.
Electricity 17-05-2017

Electricity markets reimagined: Flexible by design

In just over a decade, we will be able to build a new electricity system around renewable energy that is cleaner, produces almost no carbon emissions, costs less than a system built around natural gas, and is just as reliable, writes David Nelson.
Energy 27-04-2016

EU curtailment rules could increase onshore wind costs by 17% by 2020

Economic curtailment is an issue not yet fully appreciated by most investors in renewable energy, but it has the potential to reduce the availability and increase the cost of investment, writes Brian O’Connell.
Climate change 02-12-2015

A changing climate for jobs

Switching to a clean economy will not cost us jobs, it will create them. Employment prospects are not an obstacle to going green, write Sharan Burrow and Paul Polman.
Trade & Society 22-10-2012

Europe must stand up to China over solar panels

If Europe does not face down Beijing over its export of below-cost solar panels, all our green technology and manufacturing will be lost, and the costs for greenhouse gas mitigation will go up, argues Milan Nitzschke.
Climate change 26-05-2011

It’s time the car companies went solar

As the UK's first solar panel-assisted charge point for electric vehicles prepares to open, solar vehicle driver Louis Palmer argues that solar taxis could offer a cheaper and greener alternative to electric cars.