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Circular economy 29-09-2017

Circular Economy: From solar panels to bicycle handlebars

Solar panels offer clean, cheap and sustainable energy. But the materials they are made of are also valuable. It is essential that the proper strategy is put in place in order to bring the industry into the circular economy, explains Andreas Wade.
Energy 07-11-2016

Carbon footprint of solar panels under microscope

As the COP22 opens this week in Marrakesh, recent news about solar power has been positive, with record-breaking tariffs reflecting the fast-declining price of solar electricity. But even solar plants can come with a heavy environmental footprint, writes Andreas Wade.

Trade & Society 05-06-2013

Why an EU-China trade war is unlikely

Escalated tensions between the European Union and China over solar panel tariffs is not going to cause a trade war. These disputes are short-lived, even if they are expected to continue in the coming years, explains George Friedman.
Trade & Society 05-06-2013

Bashing China with solar panel tariff benefits no one

The Commission’s decision to launch trade action against China in the solar-power sector will not bring any relief to India, argues Suparna Karmakar, a trade economist and visiting fellow with Brussels-based think tank Bruegel.
Energy 23-10-2012

China: The fine line between fair competition and protectionism

Since global economic ties are so closely meshed and dependent jobs are so numerous, a market intervention in the form of trade barriers would have fatal consequences for the European solar industry, writes Thorsten Preugschas.