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Energy 09-06-2021

Solar power boom clouded by rising costs, global supply chain squeeze

Global solar power developers are slowing down project installations because of a surge in costs for components, labour, and freight as the world economy bounces back from the coronavirus pandemic, according to industry executives and analysts. The situation suggests slower...
Energy 07-05-2020

EU building ‘renovation wave’ set for launch in September

The European Commission’s energy chief, Kadri Simson, has flagged the upcoming building renovation wave, rooftop solar, and offshore wind as key priorities for the energy sector in the recovery phase from the coronavirus crisis.
Energy 13-03-2018

India takes lion’s share of EU bank funding for solar power

The European Investment Bank (EIB) signed an agreement last Friday (9 March) to provide €800 million for clean energy projects in India, one day before an International Solar Alliance summit took place in Delhi.
Energy 12-01-2018

Accelerating the path towards ‘solar energy 3.0’

Europe is currently in the first stage of photovoltaic solar development. Moving to the next phases, 2.0 and 3.0, will require a smart new Green Deal that avoids the “boom-and-bust” developments of the past and leverages private investment to achieve high renewable energy goals, writes Stefan Degener.
Energy 07-11-2016

Carbon footprint of solar panels under microscope

As the COP22 opens this week in Marrakesh, recent news about solar power has been positive, with record-breaking tariffs reflecting the fast-declining price of solar electricity. But even solar plants can come with a heavy environmental footprint, writes Andreas Wade.

Competition 01-06-2015

EU reopens China solar dumping probe

EU regulators opened a probe into the solar power panel industry in China, the European Commission said on Friday (29 May), in response to accusations that Chinese companies were dodging import duties by exporting via Taiwan and Malaysia.
Energy 24-02-2015

Solar could be cheaper than coal and gas by 2025, study says

EXCLUSIVE: Solar power will be cheaper than coal or gas by 2025 in sunnier regions of the EU, according to a study published the day before the European Commission launches its Energy Union plans.  
Climate change 27-02-2013

Vanheukelen: ‘Plenty of concerns’ about Chinese solar retaliation

The head of EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht’s cabinet has told EURACTIV that the bloc has many worries about a clean-tech trade war with China over unfair subsidisation of solar panels, but that its hands are tied. 
Trade & Society 06-11-2012

China accuses EU of breaching world trade rules over solar panels

An escalating row between solar panel makers stepped up a gear on Monday ( 5 November) when China complained to the World Trade Organisation that Italy and Greece had unfairly favoured domestic suppliers.
Climate change 23-05-2012

Solar industry pushing for anti-dumping case against China

A trade row between Brussels and Beijing over claims that China has unfairly priced its solar panels for export could be just weeks away.
Energy 09-05-2012

Europe’s solar industry growth ‘cannot last forever’

Europe’s solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is “weathering a period of uncertainty” and growth rates are likely to stall, according to the industry’s Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics until 2016, released today (9 May).
Energy 04-04-2012

Solar recession claims another victim

The German solar power company Q-Cells filed for insolvency yesterday (3 April), the fourth such firm to go bankrupt in four months, as the solar recession gathers pace.
Energy 24-02-2012

Germany announces up to 30% cuts in solar subsidies

The German government has agreed to accelerate the next round of cuts in state-mandated photovoltaic incentives by three months to April 1 after a record-breaking expansion of solar power in 2011.
Renewable energies 28-10-2011

Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half

Britain's solar subsidies will be dramatically cut by more than half, according to government documents that were prematurely published online and quickly taken down.
Climate change 03-10-2011

Low-cost imports from China fuel boom in solar panels

British homeowners are increasingly able to build greener homes by using cheap solar panels from China, but western workers are paying the price with a wave of corporate collapses and layoffs among green energy firms.
Climate change 06-09-2011

European solar power to be competitive by 2020, says lobby

European solar module-generated power may take until the end of the decade to compete with conventional forms of energy across Europe for cost, the world's biggest solar association said yesterday (5 September).
Energy 30-05-2011

EPIA: Red tape hindering Europe’s solar PV take off

Despite generous feed-in tariffs and abundant sunshine, Greece and Portugal are "pioneers" when it comes to bureaucratic hurdles to solar PV deployment, said Eleni Despotou of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).
Trade & Society 27-05-2011

Special Report: Big boys enter solar race

Traditionally a market reserved for niche players, the solar sector is now drawing increasing interest from energy behemoths like General Electric and Total as well as unexpected new investors like Google.
Energy 26-05-2011

Special Report: EU on track for solar grid parity by 2017

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power is set to achieve the environmentalists' holy grail of grid parity – the same cost price as fossil fuels – across the European Union by 2017, according to a UN expert.