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10 measures the EU should adopt to reduce Russian gas dependency

The International Energy Agency has presented the EU with 10 measures to reduce its dependence on Russian natural gas within a year, without it having to abandon its environmental objectives set out in the Green Deal. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 21-12-2016

Huge solar plant beams power, hope to rural Uganda

When power goes out in the rural town of Soroti in eastern Uganda, store manager Hussein Samsudin can only hope it won't go on so long it spoils his fresh goods.
Trade & Society 20-10-2016

Commission calls for tougher EU trade defence measures

The European Commission is pushing for EU leaders to back stricter trade defence instruments against countries such as China at their summit in Brussels today (20 October).
Trade & Society 18-10-2016

400 companies, NGOs demand immediate end of trade measures on Chinese solar

More than 400 companies from across the European Union, and leading environmental NGOS, have demanded the immediate end of punitive trade measures on solar panels and cells imported from China.
Energy 17-10-2016

Europe’s climate policy goals hinge on renewables, solar power

The Paris Agreement on climate change is an international commitment that can only be kept by the European Union if effective, consistent policy drives the shift to a low-carbon economy through action which boosts renewable energy such as solar power.
Agrifuels 22-07-2016

New renewable energy directive should restore trust in sector, investors say

Member states should avoid frequent changes in renewable energy support regimes, investors and producers of clean energy contend. A number of stakeholders would prefer an EU-wide support scheme. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.
Energy 30-05-2016

Mediterranean nations’ ambitious renewable goals hurt by fearful investors

The countries of the southern Mediterranean have, in theory, excellent conditions in which to develop renewable energies. But regulations and risk-fearing investors are hampering progress. EURACTIV’s partner El País – Plan
Energy 07-01-2016

Record-breaking year for UK wind energy

New data from the National Grid reveals that 2015 was a record-breaking year for wind energy generation, with onshore and offshore wind farms setting new weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual records. EURACTIV's partner edie.net reports.
Energy 13-07-2015

Greek renewable power projects stalled by turmoil

Ambitious Greek renewable power projects aimed at reducing the country's dependence on energy imports from Russia will be on hold for some time, as the threat of exit from the euro prompts investors to delay initiatives.

Renewables jobs in EU drop, but rise worldwide

The number of renewable energy jobs worldwide increased last year by more than a million, an 18% rise to 7.7 million, but dropped in the European Union.
Global Europe 30-07-2013

Cooler heads prevail in EU, China trade row over wine and solar panels

China has agreed to discuss dropping its inquiry into whether Europe is dumping wine, the EU's trade chief said on Monday (29 July), after EU and Chinese officials made a deal to avoid tariffs on solar panels from China.
Trade & Society 03-12-2012

Debate begins over fate of renewable energy subsidies

EU energy ministers are poised to seek "non-binding" guidance from the European Commission on reform of green fuel subsidies as part of a debate on new post-2020 policy goals, according to a draft document.
Climate change 26-07-2012

China’s solar firms call for trade war over European challenge

China's solar firms warned of a trade war today (26 July) and urged the Chinese government to respond with all means to an anti-dumping complaint filed by European competitors.
Energy 22-04-2011

Bulgaria law aims to cool solar, wind energy surge

Bulgaria approved a new law on renewable energy yesterday (21 April) in a bid to cool a surge in solar and wind power projects that threatens to overwhelm its ageing power grid and boost electricity prices.
Development Policy 16-12-2010

Chinese giant strides into renewable technologies

A perfect storm of environmental deterioration, economic opportunism and geopolitical jockeying for position is fuelling a rapid Chinese move into renewable technologies such as wind, solar and wave power, according to Miranda Schreurs, director of the Environmental Policy Research Institute at the Freie Universität Berlin.  
Energy 16-07-2010

Renewables dominate new power in Europe, US

More than half of all new electricity capacity added in the United States and Europe last year was from renewable power such as wind and solar, a body backed by the International Energy Agency and the UN reported.
EU Priorities 2020 16-06-2010

Rifkin: European dream not dead yet

Despite the economic crisis and the struggle to save the euro, the European dream is not dead yet: what Europe needs is an "economic vision and game plan that would create a seamless, distributive energy grid" to build a third industrial revolution, said Jeremy Rifkin, author of 'The European Dream', in an interview with EURACTIV.

Solar firms in ‘horse race’ for technology leadership

David Eaglesham, chief technology officer at First Solar, says all photovoltaic companies are scrambling to make efficiency and cost improvements. But if Europe is to retain its leadership, decisions on a regulatory framework are crucial, he told EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 12-05-2010

Solar to generate 25% of world’s electricity by 2050, IEA predicts

Solar power could provide up to a quarter of the world's electricity needs by 2050 if countries put in place long-term policies to support early deployment and sustained technology innovation, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Public Affairs 22-04-2010

Lobby chief wants to open ‘new chapter’ for solar PV

Europe's photovoltaic industry wants to focus more on generating and supplying electricity in the coming years, according to its new president, marking a shift from its current emphasis on technological development.  
Public Affairs 22-04-2010

Solar industry divided over EU toxic substances law

Solar panel manufacturers are fighting to be excluded from EU legislation restricting the use of dangerous chemicals in electronic products. But some voices are calling for greater scrutiny of the industry, illustrating a technology war between rival companies.
Energy 01-04-2010

Solar PV sector reports record growth in 2009

The global solar photovoltaic industry experienced strong growth in 2009, adding a record 6.4 gigawatts of new capacity despite the global downturn, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) said on Monday (30 March).
Energy 23-02-2010

World’s largest solar project set to gain new partners

The Desertec project, which aims to power Europe with solar energy from the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, is to go truly international next month as five new companies from Spain, Italy, France, Morocco and Tunisia join the scheme.
Energy 21-01-2010

Germany, France cut support for solar power

Germany said yesterday (20 January) that it would cut its subsidies for solar power in line with the rapid take-up of the photovoltaic market. The news follows a similar announcement by France last week.