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Energy 03-06-2022

How rooftop solar PV can help turn the gas valves off

Citizens' demand for rooftop solar photovoltaics is rapidly increasing, and governments should intervene through incentives and better permitting procedures, writes Seda Orhan.
Climate change 16-12-2015

The early success of COP21

The Paris climate conference largely succeeded on its first day in global participation, low carbon innovation and carbon pricing, writes Professor Michael Grubb.
Energy 05-04-2011

Making nuclear safety a global public asset

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster, the question is not how to distance oneself from the nuclear sector but how to make it a safe industry, with joint safety standards, writes Claude Fischer, president of Confrontations Europe.
Med & South 25-06-2009

Solar energy from the Sahara: When will it be feasible?

"The EU and its North African partner countries should […] establish the regulatory basis necessary for the development of solar energy in view of offering a reliable and long-term framework for potential investors from both sides of the Mediterranean," writes Eberhard Rhein, a lecturer at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies in Malta, in a June post on Blogactiv.
Energy 13-10-2006

Spain leads grid-connected solar power

Thomas R. Mancini and Michael Geyer (International Energy Agency) take a look at recent advances in the competitiveness of solar energy with a new commercial plant due to open shortly in Spain.