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  • Solar energy from the Sahara: When will it be feasible?

    Opinion | Med & South 25-06-2009

    "The EU and its North African partner countries should […] establish the regulatory basis necessary for the development of solar energy in view of offering a reliable and long-term framework for potential investors from both sides of the Mediterranean," writes Eberhard Rhein, a lecturer at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies in Malta, in a June post on Blogactiv.

  • Solar power ‘could challenge electricity companies by 2020’

    News | Energy 23-06-2009

    Photovoltaic power (PV) could meet up to 12% of Europe's electricity demand by 2020 if a favourable policy framework were established to support it in the coming years, according to a new study by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).

  • European solar industry going strong, EU research shows

    News | Energy 16-12-2008

    Half of the world's photovoltaic electricity is currently produced in the EU, but the European solar industry must continue its "impressive growth" to maintain its market position in the years to come, argues a study released by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) last week.

  • Study: incentives giving boost to European solar sector

    News | Energy 28-07-2008

    The solar energy sector is growing in momentum across Europe thanks to feed-in tariffs, which are helping to boost development activities, according to a study by an American consulting firm.

  • EU eyes ‘supergrid’ to harness Saharan sun

    News | Energy 25-07-2008

    Massive solar power installations in the Sahara desert could feed the EU's growing energy demand via a new supergrid. The idea is backed by France and the UK, which is simultaneously trying to limit priority access for renewables to domestic grids.

  • Compulsory solar power standards gain ground

    News | Energy 02-07-2008

    Hawaii could serve as an example to the EU after it passed a bill requiring all new homes to have solar water heaters installed as of 2010. While some European cities and regions have already adopted similar measures, some want binding targets included in new EU legislation on promoting renewable energy.

  • Cost of solar to match fossils by 2015, says US study

    News | Energy 30-06-2008

    As fuel prices for coal, natural gas and nuclear continue to rise, the cost of solar power is due to break even with fossil fuels in the US by 2015, according to a study published in June 2008.

  • Nanotech to make solar panels more efficient

    News | Innovation & Industry 15-05-2008

    Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have demonstrated that nanoparticles can increase the efficiency with which sunlight can be converted into electricity in thin-film photovoltaics, opening new prospects for solar electricity.

  • ‘Unbundling’ debate skirts real issues say experts

    News | Sustainable Development 14-09-2007

    Administrative and technical barriers as well as excessive costs and delays present larger barriers to local electricity producers than the ownership structure of EU energy markets, according to experts who debated the issue in Brussels yesterday (13 September 2007).

  • Solar-powered cars to stay ‘marginal’ until 2020

    News | Innovation & Industry 31-08-2007

    Only city cars or other small vehicles used for short distances are likely to run on solar power by 2020, experts and policymakers agree. To reduce CO2 emissions, the car industry is instead focusing on innovation into solar-hybrid models, lighter materials and increased battery-storage capacity.

  • Solar industry upbeat about future growth

    News | Energy 20-06-2007

    The solar industry is positioning itself as a key contributor to the 20% target for renewables in the EU's energy mix by 2020. But, despite impressive growth, solar's contribution is likely to be limited compared with wind, hydro and biomass.

  • Solar industry seeks EU reassurance on renewables law

    News | Energy 15-05-2007

    With solar power currently accounting for a tiny share of renewable-energy production in Europe, manufacturers of photovoltaic panels are urging the Commission to ensure that specific targets are adopted in all member states.