About: Solvency II

Economy & Jobs 30-12-2021

2022: Fiscal showdown in uncertain economic circumstances

The EU's economic policy agenda for the coming year is packed with negotiations on the bloc's fiscal rules, tax policies, minimum wages, and financial regulations. Here is a comprehensive look at what is coming up.
Economy & Jobs 23-09-2021

Investments, Climate, Stability: Goals of European Commission’s Solvency II proposal

With a proposal to reform the Solvency II directive, the European Commission aims to make the insurance industry an ally in achieving the Commission's political priorities.
Economy & Jobs 02-03-2021

Bigger capital requirements hang over EU insurance sector in Solvency review

EU regulators and the insurance sector disagree over whether the review of the rules for the industry (Solvency II) should include higher capital requirements to deal with risks of interest rate changes, which insurers say would mean less money to support recovery.
Euro & Finance 05-09-2014

Insurance companies push forward with European investment

Investment by insurance companies in Europe grew by 3.2% in 2013. However, the sector fears that long-term investments may be adversely affected when tighter prudential regulations come into force in 2016.
Euro & Finance 30-04-2013

UK seeks tougher insurance rules despite possible EU challenge

Britain intends to implement a tougher version of EU rules on capital adequacy for its own insurers, even at the risk of a legal challenge, a top regulator has said.
Energy 21-03-2013

German insurers urge easing green energy investment rules

Germany's insurers want politicians and regulators to ease rules restricting their ability to invest in renewable energy and infrastructure, insurance trade body GDV said on Wednesday (20 March).
Euro & Finance 08-10-2012

EU watchdog slams deadlocked talks on insurer rules

The European Union's powerful insurance watchdog EIOPA has blasted stagnant political talks to finalise new risk capital rules for the insurance sector, saying the delay was undermining EU credibility internationally.