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Development Policy 23-10-2018

A wind of change in the Horn of Africa will reach Europe’s shores

The "summer of love" breaking out on the Horn of Africa represents a new reality for the region – and one that will be felt in Europe, writes Faisal Al Yafai.
Development Policy 11-12-2016

No more EU deals to keep migrants out

The EU's new partnership with Third World countries, modelled on the controversial Turkey deal, and trust funds to limit migration and return refugees to their home countries, have little safeguards for human rights, argue Jessica Poh-Janrell and Andrea Stocchiero of CONCORD.
Development Policy 08-11-2016

Female genital mutilation: Putting human rights at the core of Europe’s asylum system

Female genital mutilation (FGM) survivors, and women and girls at risk, are particularly vulnerable in the asylum system. They must receive support to help them navigate the process, writes Liuska Sanna.
Global Europe 04-10-2016

Ethiopia-EU strategic cooperation remains strong

Since spring 2015, the European Union has been facing an unprecedented peak of illegal migration from the Middle East and Africa, in particular from countries of the Horn of Africa, writes Teshome Toga.
Development Policy 04-04-2016

EU: Supporting the Ethiopian people now, and over the long term

Ethiopia is being hit hard by one the most severe El Niño phenomenon on record. Numbers speak for themselves – in the past year, the number of food insecure people has increased from 2.9 million to over 10 million at present, write Neven Mimica and Christos Stylianides.

The EU must focus on the root causes of migration

The EU is planning to act against human traffickers in the Mediterranean. But the plight of refugees can only be relieved when its foreign policy engagement is strengthened, write Ronja Kempin and Ronja Scheler.
Development Policy 16-09-2013

Why Somaliland does not attend ‘New Deal for Somalia’ conference

While supporting the New Deal process and welcoming of the donors’ engagement, Somaliland has  chosen not to participate in the Conference as the country’s national needs and priorities are very different to Somalia’s, writes Mohamed Behi Yonis.
Development Policy 14-09-2013

New Deal for Somalia is an important deal

Somalia’s New Deal is the first of its kind in the world and is a more ambitious initiative than a classic development tool, write Villy Søvndal and Christian Friis Bach.
Development Policy 28-08-2013

The EU must intervene to help journalists in Somalia

Somali journalists are under assault. Not only is the country one of the deadliest places for media workers, the year-old government is weighing a restrictive media law. The European Union, one of the African’s country’s most important supporters, needs to be more forceful in ensuring a free media environment in Somalia, writes Alison Bethel McKenzie.
Global Europe 12-08-2011

Somalia – a future beyond famine

Starving children stare at us from newspaper pages every day now in wide-eyed, mute appeal. Somalia is again in the grip of a humanitarian disaster, the world's largest at this time. When we visited the region in the last weeks, we were both shocked by the suffering and impressed by the resilience of the Somalis in the face of the worst hardships imaginable.