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  • New Deal for Somalia is an important deal

    Opinion | Development Policy 14-09-2013

    Somalia’s New Deal is the first of its kind in the world and is a more ambitious initiative than a classic development tool, write Villy Søvndal and Christian Friis Bach.

  • The EU must intervene to help journalists in Somalia

    Opinion | Development Policy 28-08-2013

    Somali journalists are under assault. Not only is the country one of the deadliest places for media workers, the year-old government is weighing a restrictive media law. The European Union, one of the African’s country’s most important supporters, needs to be more forceful in ensuring a free media environment in Somalia, writes Alison Bethel McKenzie.

  • Georgieva reaches out to the ‘country that the world forgot’

    News | Development Policy 24-07-2013

    The Central African Republic is a “country that the world forgot” and could become “a second Somalia” without additional support, EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva said, pledging 15% of her budget to overlooked crises.

  • Horn of Africa seeks to project a better image of itself

    News | Development Policy 03-07-2013

    By fostering regional development projects, IGAD, the organisation of the eight countries in the Horn of Africa, is seeking to project a more positive image of a region known mainly for its natural disasters and conflicts. But the European Commission says a key country for the region, Somalia, still lacks political stability.

  • Serbian soldiers to participate in EU Missions

    News | Global Europe 27-09-2011

    Officers of the Serbian Armed Forces will join the EU's 'Atalanta' anti-piracy mission in Somalia and will help train Somali security forces. EURACTIV Serbia reports.

  • Somalia – a future beyond famine

    Opinion | Global Europe 12-08-2011

    Starving children stare at us from newspaper pages every day now in wide-eyed, mute appeal. Somalia is again in the grip of a humanitarian disaster, the world's largest at this time. When we visited the region in the last weeks, we were both shocked by the suffering and impressed by the resilience of the Somalis in the face of the worst hardships imaginable.

  • Georgieva wants access to famine-stricken Somalia

    News | Global Europe 26-07-2011

    On a visit to Kenya yesterday (25 July), Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva deplored the limited access of humanitarian workers to famine-stricken Somalia, which is creating a huge refugee problem in Kenya and Ethiopia.