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Juncker pledges action on Horizon 2020 problems, hints at rule changes

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has assured a Romanian MEP that problems with the Horizon 2020 research scheme will be addressed and even hinted at changes to the rules governing the research programme. EURACTIV Romania reports.

Trade & Society 11-04-2016

CETA ratification hangs in doubt over visa-free travel dispute

The ratification of CETA, the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade agreement, hangs in doubt due to the refusal of Canada to introduce reciprocity with EU countries on visa policy, by lifting the visa requirement for Bulgarians and Romanians.
Trade & Society 10-11-2015

How to save the EU’s CETA with Canada

This piece is an attempt to provide a pathway that may secure a positive vote in the European Parliament for the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada, writes Sorin Moisa.
Trade & Society 25-11-2014

Addressing the ISDS nightmare

It will be a major strategic mistake to sacrifice carefully negotiated trade agreements of a new generation on the altar of 'Investor-State Dispute Settlement' (ISDS), if public opinion does not accept it, writes MEP Sorin Moisa.
Sajjad Karim MEP [European Parliament]
Brexit 01-07-2014

Open letter to Sajjad Karim: Did the Tories lose their memory?

The conservative ECR group proposed that Sajjad Karim become the next European Parliament President. Karim has written letters to MEPs, asking for their support. Romanian MEP Sorin Moisa replied to his letter, reminding the Conservative legislator of the negative campaign that his party has led against Bulgarian and Romanian migrant workers.

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