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Enlargement 20-04-2018

Beyond coal, nationalism and EU accession: Squaring the circle for Kosovo

Joining the EU means meeting all of its rules and criteria, including energy legislation. But bloc-hopeful Kosovo, just like its other Balkan neighbours, is struggling to make any headway there, writes Philippe Charlez.
Energy 26-08-2014

Energy Community reform: What will the EU push for?

Ahead of the ministerial meeting in the Western Balkans on the EU energy reform, Dragana Mileusnic calls for the adoption and the implementation of the new energy rules as soon as possible. A clear and speedy EU message will benefit not only the people but it will also ensure security of energy supply in the whole region.
Med & South 22-07-2010

A step in the right direction: Frontex, Greece & the fight against irregular migration

The EU's border management agency, Frontex, will open its first Operational Office in Piraeus, Greece on 1 August 2010. Although political and administrative gaps remain, the new office should enhance Frontex's role in South-Eastern Europe and help combat illegal migration in the Mediterranean, write Stavros Kourtalis and Gerasimos Tsourapas, researchers at the Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM), in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Enlargement 08-07-2010

New rapprochement in the Western Balkans: How to advance it?

Despite a number of unresolved issues in the region, one can see a new spirit of rapprochement and genuine cooperation in the Western Balkans and its leaders must seize the moment in order to translate this trend into an irreversible process, writes Hido Biš?evi?, secretary-general of the Regional Cooperation Council for South-East Europe, in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Central Europe 09-06-2010

New EU members hit by FDI outflow

The inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the EU halved in 2009 and particularly declined in the new member states – where the foreign sector is economically vital, writes the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies in an analysis of FDI in 20 Central, East and South-East European countries based on the latest update of its database.
Enlargement 19-04-2010

South East Europe is well-known for its self-cynicism

South East Europe must make use of current developments in Europe and the EU enlargement process to streamline itself with the grand project of European integration. But ''does not have the luxury of time',' writes Hido Biš?evi?, secretary-general of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) for South East Europe.
Euro & Finance 31-03-2010

Why the Greek crisis matters to its neighbours in southeast Europe

The countries of southeastern Europe cannot remain indifferent to the ongoing fiscal and debt crises in Greece due to the latter's track record of foreign investment, foreign policy focus in the region and growing trade volumes, writes Jens Bastian, senior economic research fellow at the Athens-based Hellenic Foundation for Foreign and European Policy (ELIAMEP), in a March op-ed.
Central Europe 18-09-2006

Analysis: Reverse Balkanisation? Trade Integration in South-East Europe

In this CEPS working document, author David Kernohan analyses concerns that trade openness in South East Europe is less advanced than it should be.  
Enlargement 22-06-2005

Quarterly forecast on South-Eastern Europe

This quarterly report by the ICEG European Center forecasts outstanding economic growth with significant external imbalances and slowly decreasing unemployment in South-Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the FYR of Macedonia, Romania and Serbia and Montenegro).
Enlargement 05-07-2004

CEPS Europa South-East Monitor

This issue of CEPS Europa South East Monitor focusses on the latest developments in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.
Enlargement 04-06-2004

CEPS Europa South-East Monitor

This issue of CEPS Europa South-East Monitor highlights the annual reviews by the Commission and the Council of the Stabilisation and Association Process for South East Europe and of the individual progress made by each country from the region.
Central Europe 24-07-2003

Healing the Crisis: A Prescription for Public Health Action in South Eastern Europe

This analysis reviews population health and its determinants in South Eastern Europe and concludes that investment in public health is needed in the immediate, medium and long term.
Euro & Finance 15-10-2002

Euro pushed down by Eastern Europe?

Euro pushed down by Eastern Europe? Switching from D-mark currency into US dollars in Eastern Europe, caused by uncertainty about the final changeover to the euro, allegedly is the main reason for the euro’s weakness on the foreign exchange markets....
Enlargement 25-06-2002

Strengthening the Union through Enlargement

  Strengthening the Union through Enlargement Danuta Hübner, Poland’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, addressed an EPC briefing on 24 June 2002, on “Strengthening the Union through Enlargement.” A question and answer session followed. This is not an official...
Enlargement 10-06-2002

Romania in the EU and the future of Europe

  Romania in the EU and the future of Europe The Prime Minister of Romania,Adrian Nastase, addressed on 6 June 2002, the latest in an EPC series of meetings with the new Member States. He spoke on “Romania in the...
Enlargement 07-06-2002

From Copenhagen 1993 to Copenhagen 2002

  From Copenhagen 1993 to Copenhagen 2002 Sticking to the enlargement timetable The Commissioner described the current round of enlargement as a “vast, complex, difficult task.” It was an enlargement like no other before it. A lot had been achieved...
Security 15-01-2002

War and Peace in the European Periphery

War and Peace in the European Periphery As the year ends, and the dust settles on New York and even Afghanistan, a new European order is shaping up, with three basic features on the map: Strategic partnership between the two...