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Economy & Jobs 19-10-2018

Putting the EU-South Korea partnership to work

The EU-South Korea summit taking place today (18 October) symbolises the EU's close and multifaceted partnership with South Korea. Yet, Brussels and Seoul should take some practical steps to strengthen their relationship, argue Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Linde Desmaele and Maximilian Ernst.
Global Europe 27-04-2018

Time for the EU to give Korean peace a chance

A formal end to the Korean War bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula is now firmly on the cards, and the EU should be brave and decisively support this peace process. Otherwise, Brussels risks being on the wrong side of history, warns Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo.

The EU is irrelevant in the Korean Peninsula, right? Wrong

Despite having no military presence or alliances, and very modest economic links with North Korea, the EU plays a large role in the Korean Peninsula, argues Ramon Pacheco Pardo.    
Trade & Society 16-02-2017

Asia wants a stronger global role for Europe

Given the unpredictability surrounding the future of US foreign policy, many Asian countries are beating a path to Brussels to shore up their relations with the EU, which remains the strongest supporter of the multilateral system, writes Fraser Cameron.
Digital & Media 23-05-2016

Time to deliver on the Digital Single Market

It is high time to deliver on the promises of the Digital Single Market (DSM). It will fuel European economic growth and a way to make the everyday life of businesses and consumers easier, writes Tomasz Poręba.
Brexit 31-03-2016

What leaving the EU would really mean for British trade deals

The impact of staying in or leaving the EU for the UK’s global trade has become one of the most talked about questions of the referendum so far, writes Paul James Cardwell.
Global Europe 22-01-2016

Germany is the poster child of an accident waiting to happen

Export-oriented Germany is the poster child for an accident waiting to happen, according to a review of countries most affected by the ongoing global economic slowdown,  George Friedman writes in Geopolitical Futures.
Languages & Culture 17-04-2012

Overcoming cultural barriers to build business ties with Asia

Cultural barriers – and languages in particular – remain a significant obstacle to trade relations with South Korea and Japan and continue to hinder the development of European businesses there, despite bilateral trade agreements, writes Thierry Fournier.
Global Europe 02-11-2011

The EU’s Asian summit woes

The cancellation of three EU summits with key Asian countries – China, India and South Korea – due to pressing concerns in the euro zone reinforces the perception that the EU struggles to think and act strategically, writes Gauri Khandekar of the Madrid-based think tank FRIDE.
Global Europe 24-11-2010

Dispatch: North Korea shells a South Korean island

This week's events in the Korean peninsula should be seen as a display of strength by North Korean officials who fear losing power in a future transition of leadership from Kim Jong-il to his son, says Roger Baker, an analyst for Stratfor.