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  • The EU’s Asian summit woes

    Opinion | Global Europe 02-11-2011

    The cancellation of three EU summits with key Asian countries – China, India and South Korea – due to pressing concerns in the euro zone reinforces the perception that the EU struggles to think and act strategically, writes Gauri Khandekar of the Madrid-based think tank FRIDE.

  • Dispatch: North Korea shells a South Korean island

    Opinion | Global Europe 24-11-2010

    This week's events in the Korean peninsula should be seen as a display of strength by North Korean officials who fear losing power in a future transition of leadership from Kim Jong-il to his son, says Roger Baker, an analyst for Stratfor.

  • EU eyes closer trade ties with Japan

    News | Trade & Society 21-10-2010

    The European Commission is looking at removing trade barriers with Japan after signing a milestone free trade agreement with South Korea earlier this month, according to a draft EU trade strategy seen by EURACTIV, scheduled to be published next week..

  • EU agrees trade deal with South Korea, Pakistan

    News | Trade & Society 17-09-2010

    The European Union agreed on Thursday (16 September) to sign a free-trade pact with South Korea and grant Pakistan trade concessions after floods.