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Global Europe 20-02-2018

They talk of war but it’s their own citizens these ‘strong’ men fear most

In the current geopolitical context, European support for those fighting for human dignity is more important than ever, writes Shada Islam.
ASEAN 10-03-2017

EU-ASEAN trade talks show signs of life

The European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) said today (10 March) the two blocs would try to revive plans for a trade deal, as European countries look to tap the region's strong growth.
Global Europe 05-11-2015

Mogherini hosts 51 Asian and EU foreign ministers

Some 51 foreign ministers representing 60% of global GDP are meeting in Luxembourg today and tomorrow (6 November) in bid to build bridges between the EU and Asia – with whom at least eight Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are in the offing.
Trade & Society 20-09-2013

EU, Singapore conclude comprehensive trade deal

The European Union and Singapore submitted for approval today (20 September) one of the world's most comprehensive free trade agreements, which the EU sees as a stepping stone towards a wider deal with southeast Asia.
Development Policy 02-05-2013

World on track to meet 4 of 21 UN development targets

Governments are on track to meet four of the 21 targets set out in the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals by the 2015 deadline, the lead author of the World Bank’s 2013 Global Monitoring Report told EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 23-11-2007

EU, ASEAN to push for trade deal despite Myanmar discord

European and Southeast Asian leaders agreed to step up efforts towards concluding a deal establishing what would be one of the largest free-trade zones in the world, at a bilateral summit in Singapore. But talks were overshadowed by disagreements about how to deal with the military dictatorship in Myanmar following its bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in September.
Trade & Society 04-05-2007

EU launches free-trade talks with ASEAN

The EU and the ten south-east Asian nations of ASEAN agreed, on 4 May, to launch talks to set up one of the largest free-trading zones in the world. But the EU's fraught relations with the military dictatorship in Myanmar still threaten the agreement. 
Trade & Society 24-04-2007

EU to start free trade talks with India, South Korea and Asean

EU foreign ministers have given the go-ahead for free-trade negotiations with key trading partners in Asia, in a move that WTO chief Pascal Lamy says could divert attention from talks on a global trade pact.
Energy 16-01-2007

ASEAN energy security pact focuses on alternative fuels

Asian and Pacific leaders signed an agreement on 15 January 2007, committing to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the promotion of alternative energy sources, echoing steps taken in the EU's energy package the previous week.
Trade & Society 23-08-2006

Southeast Asia follows in EU’s footsteps

Southeast Asian trade ministers have agreed to an accelerated timetable to turn their region into a European-style single market by 2015.
Health 07-11-2005

Kyprianou on a bird flu visit in Asia

Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner Markos Kyprianou has flown to South East Asia to discuss the bird flu situation.
Trade & Society 11-07-2003

Commission aims at boosting economic relationship with South East Asia

The Commission adopted a communication on 9 July, aiming also at the establishment of deeper cooperation with South East Asia on human rights, good governance, and fight against terrorism.
Trade & Society 11-09-2001

EU to support WTO membership for Vietnam

EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy has indicated that the EU supports Vietnam's candidature for membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). His comments were made at a press conference in Hanoi where he is attending an Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM).
Trade & Society 05-09-2001

Commission adopts strategy for partnership with Asia

The European Commission adopted on 4 September a new strategic framework for the European Union's relations with Asia in the coming decade. The strategy aims at strengthening the EU's presence in Asia and addressing regional and global challenges, such as poverty, environment, democracy and human rights.

EU-Asia Summit pledges to promote human rights in the region

The two-day ASEM Summit (EU-Asia) ended with a pledge for the promotion of human rights by all 25 participating countries


The Commission yesterday published its priorities for the third ASEM Summit which will be held in Seoul, South Korea from 20-21 October 2000.

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