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Energy 19-11-2015

Greek energy market hindered by lack of competition

Greece’s geographical position could help it become an EU energy hub. But state monopolies are holding the country back, according to a Commission report. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Boyko Borisov (Right) and Maroš Šef?ovi? (Center)
Central Europe 10-02-2015

Šef?ovi? sees three sources of gas for Central Europe

Central and Southeastern European countries, largely dependent on Russian gas supplies, are starting work on a plan to build gas infrastructure, and should count on having at least three different sources of gas, the EU's energy chief said on Monday (9 February).
Energy 04-12-2014

EU, US promote alternative projects, following South Stream failure

The cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project will not make the European Union more vulnerable to shortages caused by Russia cutting off gas to the Ukraine, senior EU and US officials said yesterday (3 December).
Energy 26-08-2014

Energy Community reform: What will the EU push for?

Ahead of the ministerial meeting in the Western Balkans on the EU energy reform, Dragana Mileusnic calls for the adoption and the implementation of the new energy rules as soon as possible. A clear and speedy EU message will benefit not only the people but it will also ensure security of energy supply in the whole region.