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Euro & Finance 01-07-2015

The EU and Greece: Exiting the IMF era, not the euro

The end of the EU aid programme to Greece on 30 June, and the organisation of a Greek referendum on 5 July, raise the prospect of ending the “IMF - Europe” era, writes Yves Bertoncini
Euro & Finance 25-06-2015

Greek debt crisis shows why we need international financial reform

The Greek crisis is just the latest of one of more than 600 national debt crises worldwide since the 1950s, and makes a compelling argument for the creation of an international institution for the fair and orderly resolution of sovereign bankruptcy, writes Bodo Ellmers.

Social Europe’s new battleground

The eurozone crisis has transformed the debate on 'Social Europe' and threatens to undermine the pro-Europe sentiments of the left, writes Olaf Cramme, a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics. He asks how the supporters of a 'Social Europe' could use the crisis in their favour.