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Agrifood 06-09-2018

Internet of farms to reduce red tape and enable more transparency

Precision farming is consistent with the less-bureaucracy pillar of next CAP and favours a better connection between consumers and producers, stakeholders and lawmakers advocated at the showcase of EU satellite-based systems for agricultural purposes.
Economy & Jobs 28-05-2018

Martian olives, courtesy of Italian project and EU cash

Is there life on Mars? Maybe soon. What seems more like Hollywood sci-fi than genuine farming prospect could soon come to fruition, as an Italian project uses EU funding to grow plants in extremely hostile conditions. EURACTIV.it reports.
Brexit 25-01-2018

Ex-UK PM Cameron: Brexit not going as badly as we thought

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, whose failure to persuade British voters to stay in the EU led to his exit from office, was caught on camera saying Brexit was not going as badly as he had believed it would. The EU also confirmed the UK would lose an important space agency after leaving.
Digital 10-11-2017

Greece vows to use Copernicus to boost smart farming

The Greek government aims to use Copernicus, Europe's earth-monitoring system, to maximise the potential of smart farming, which will help the country ensure its position in the post-crisis era, Greece's digital policy minister told EURACTIV.com.
Economy & Jobs 14-04-2017

Europe’s space sector needs support

Setting-up a Joint Technology Initiative in the space sector could enhance Europe’s space ambitions. They currently lag behind those of the other space powers, writes MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu.
Economy & Jobs 06-04-2017

Planet discoverer calls for ‘strong promotion’ of EU research

The researcher behind Trappist-1, a system of planets that could contain life, and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas talked to EURACTIV.com about the importance of EU support. They also played down a PR war with NASA that erupted when the discovery was first made public.
Economy & Jobs 21-03-2017

Moedas: ‘We need to shout’ to sell our discoveries

The EU needs to be “bolder” and “shout” to promote its own scientific achievements to counter the PR tactics of partners like the US, Commissioner for Research Carlos Moedas said on Monday (21 March).
Transport 26-01-2017

Europe to enter new space race… after 2020

Brexit negotiations with the UK are forcing the European Commission to postpone funding for reusable rockets until after 2020, despite the importance of the technology for the future of European space policy.
Transport 26-01-2017

EU-funded ‘Armageddon’ space mission hits funding snag

An EU-funded mission to smash a spacecraft into an asteroid moon to alter its trajectory, a possible dry-run for an exercise in saving the Earth from a possible doomsday scenario, has run into a cash crunch.

Transport 18-01-2017

Europe’s navigation satellites suffer clock failure

The European Space Agency announced today (18 January) there were "failed" clocks onboard some of the 18 navigation satellites it has launched for Galileo, Europe's beleaguered rival to America's GPS.
Transport 05-12-2016

More than €10bn pledged for European space programmes

The European Space Agency's (ESA) member states have agreed to allocate €10.3 billion to new space projects. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.

Making Europe more agile in space

The European space sector is increasingly challenged by international competition in commercial markets. The Space Strategy for Europe proposes four goals for the EU to remain an industry leader, writes Jean-Loic Galle.
Digital 19-10-2016

Realpolitik (in space)

Realpolitik is often defined as the use of down to earth politics rather than ethical or idealistic objectives. It could be argued that space policy has now reached a realpolitik orbit, writes Didier Schmitt.

Space: Another frontier under threat

The weakness of security in outer space is a growing common threat to the whole of society and it is only going to get worse if we do not take action, writes Didier Schmitt, in his personal capacity.

Luxembourg seeks deep impact in asteroid mining

Luxembourg has announced its intention to become a "European reference" within the field of exploiting and utilising off-planet resources, such as minerals mined from asteroids.

South Africa Science Minister: China comes knocking on our door

In Brussels to discuss EU-South Africa investment projects, Naledi Pandor said that the EU remained a strong partner in Africa. She pointed out, however, that the Chinese were "knocking on the door" in Africa, warning Europeans that "you should not be so confident of relationships that you would neglect them".

Brussels on mission to boost EU’s role in space exploration

The European Commission will propose on Monday (4 April) to strengthen the EU's space policy with the aim of increasing the bloc's capability "to pursue independent missions". 
Transport 01-07-2009

Auditors slam EU over Galileo

The European Commission's leadership and management skills have been found wanting by a Court of Auditors report into the EU's much-delayed Galileo satellite navigation project. The report, published on 29 June, also blames individual countries for defending their commercial interests throughout the programme.

EU 27 eye increased EU action on space

All member states are politically committed to promoting more EU action on space, the French Presidency said after a two-day informal meeting of the bloc's ministers for space. But the issue of where the money for this increased ambition will actually come from will only be discussed later.

Europe gets space policy after Galileo setback

The EU and members of the European Space Agency (ESA) have endorsed a space policy, committing themselves to increasing co-ordination both of their defence and civilian programmes, just days after the EU's satellite navigation project, Galileo, suffered a major setback.

EU presents new space policy and urges progress on Galileo

"Galileo is an essential project and we don't have the option of giving up. Now the question is to what extent we can fund it from public funds," said Commissioner Verheugen, as he presented the EU's new space policy on 26 April.

US claims right to control space

The United States has adopted a new national space policy which claims the right to deny US adversaries the use of space capabilities hostile to its national interests.
Med & South 13-03-2006

EU and Russia join forces on space

Russia and the EU have signed a co-operation agreement on space technology and activities. The high-level dialogue is expected to give a boost to the Galileo-GLONASS agreement.

Space ministers discuss ‘Buy European’ initiative

The Council of the European Space Agency is discussing a resolution to use only European rockets for European space missions to boost the competitiveness of the continent's space industry.