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Energy 10-05-2022

Why the EU must see through Spain’s claim to be an energy island

Spain's claim to be an 'energy island' is misleading and the EU should reject calls for an Iberian exemption, say Oscar Arnedillo and Jorge Sanz.
Future EU 06-05-2022

Commitment to European project takes center stage at CoFoE Spain

A sense of commitment to the European project was the main theme in proposals presented at the conclusion of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) forum on Friday (6 May), organized by Spain’s EFE news agency in collaboration...
Global Europe 28-04-2022

Algeria threatens to cut gas contract with Spain

Gas giant Algeria threatened Wednesday (27 April) to break a contract to supply gas to Spain if Madrid transferred it onwards to "a third destination", amid tensions with regional rival Morocco.
Global Europe 08-04-2022

Spain and Morocco proclaim new phase in relations after year-long chill

The leaders of Spain and Morocco announced a new phase in bilateral relations at the conclusion of a meeting on Thursday (7 April) that marked the end of a nearly year-long diplomatic chill between the two nations.
EU-Africa 07-04-2022

Spain’s Sanchez visits Morocco as tensions ease

Morocco's King Mohammed VI hosted Spain's prime minister on Thursday (7 April) in a landmark visit ending a year-long diplomatic crisis after Madrid reversed decades of neutrality on the Western Sahara conflict in a U-turn that has angered Algeria.
Economy & Jobs 31-03-2022

Energy prices push Spanish inflation to 37-year high

Spanish inflation hit a 37-year high in March over soaring energy costs following Russia's Ukraine invasion, official data showed Wednesday (30 March), amid a wave of social unrest over spiralling prices that has spawned protests, strikes and production stoppages.
Energy 24-03-2022

In Spain, soaring prices fuel growing social unrest

A lorry drivers' strike, mass protests by farmers and fishermen, industrial production stoppages: record inflation levels have fuelled growing anger with Spain's left-wing government as energy prices go through the roof.
Agrifood 23-03-2022

EU ministers back Spain’s call urging bloc to help fishing sector hit by fuel price hike

Spanish Agriculture Minister Luis Planas' call on the EU to urgently help the fisheries sector during a Council of EU agriculture ministers on Monday (21 March) was backed by more than 20 block ministers. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 16-03-2022

Teresa Ribera reproaches France for lack of engagement in gas interconnection

Spain's energy Minister, Teresa Ribera, assured that "it is very difficult to make progress" with France on the construction of a gas pipeline that will allow Spain to export its stored gas to the rest of Europe.
Energy 09-03-2022

Spain seeks EU funding for ‘green gas’ interconnector to rest of Europe

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called on the European Union to finance gas interconnections with the rest of Europe, saying new infrastructure should also include green gases such as hydrogen. EURACTIV's partner El Diario reports.
Agrifood 18-02-2022

MEPs, Commission share concerns over ‘severe’ Iberian drought

As Spain and Portugal are hit by the worst drought in 15 years, MEPs have voiced worries over the situation. EU Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli raised hopes that support could come from funds in the EU's farming subsidies programme.

Spanish Eurofighters on first alert flight in Bulgaria

Two of the Spanish Eurofighters, who arrived to beef up Bulgaria’s defense, took off for an alert flight on the day of the ceremony to mark their arrival, Bulgarian media reported.

Spain calls on EU to endorse renewable energy contracts for industry

The Spanish government has called on the European Investment Bank (EIB) to provide financial guarantees for long-term fixed-price supply contracts for renewable energy, known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).
Economy & Jobs 27-01-2022

EU court strikes down Spain’s order to disclose foreign assets to taxman

The European Court of Justice on Thursday (27 January) struck down a regulation in Spain that forces residents to disclose all their foreign assets to the tax service under the threat of heavy fines.
Economy & Jobs 18-01-2022

Centre-left Scholz and Sánchez far apart on EU fiscal rules

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz gave Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez no indication his left-leaning government is ready to support a relaxation of EU fiscal rules, even as the two agreed to work closer together on European policies.
Politics 06-01-2022

EU observes tension on Ukrainian border and Spain counts dead migrants in the Atlantic

In the first episode of 2022, EURACTIV’s Beyond the Byline focuses on the tension between Russia and Kyiv and the EU’s role in it.
Economy & Jobs 29-12-2021

Spain moves to reduce ‘garbage’ temporary contracts

Spain's leftist cabinet approved Tuesday (28 December) a landmark labour law reform which aims to reduce the use of temporary contracts and boost job security.

Belgium refuses extradition of fugitive Spanish rapper

A court in Belgium on Tuesday (28 December) rejected a request by Spanish authorities to extradite a fugitive rapper sentenced to jail for allegedly praising terrorism in his songs.
Economy & Jobs 22-11-2021

Spain eyes EU Solidarity Fund for La Palma volcano damage

Spain will formally ask the European Commission to activate the EU Solidarity Fund to obtain extra resources to repair the damage caused by the volcanic eruption on La Palma island, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Friday. EURACTIV’s partner EFE...
Agrifood 19-11-2021

Spain views carbon farming as a climate solution

Spain seeks to maintain carbon in soils destined for agriculture in its strategy against climate change with the support of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). However, producers demand more funds to compensate for their efforts.
Media 03-11-2021

Spain adopts EU copyright law, paving way for Google News to return

Spain has adopted a European Union copyright directive that allows third-party online news platforms to negotiate directly with content providers, the government said on Tuesday (2 November), setting the stage for Alphabet's Google News to return to the country.
Economy & Jobs 18-10-2021

Spanish government set to extend furlough schemes for one year

The Spanish government has proposed to extend temporary lay-off schemes. This system has significantly protected thousands of jobs endangered by the pandemic, only for one extra year. EURACTIV's partner EFE reports.
Global Europe 15-10-2021

Merkel warns of ‘centrifugal forces’ in EU, calls for unity

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned of dividing forces in the European Union and issued a plea for more unity across the continent, speaking at an award ceremony speech in Spain on Thursday (14 October).

Spanish medical experts warn about advanced breast cancer after COVID-19 slowdown

Spain’s focus on handling the COVID-19 pandemic has overshadowed other vital healthcare fields. Medical professionals warn that an increasing number of patients are now only accessing treatment when the cancer has already spread.