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Health 10-04-2020

Iberian stories on European cohesion

Looking back thirty years, one can find images like those seen today on the Spanish-Portuguese border. Crossroads under surveillance, roads shut down… images that only the elderly remember and that will soon be forgotten again. Thousands of Spaniards and Portuguese...
Elections 07-12-2017

Fact or Fake: Is Madrid staging a ‘coup d’état’ in Catalonia?

As Catalans descend on Brussels for a pro-independence rally on Thursday (7 December), EURACTIV's Frédéric Simon goes over some of the claims made by their exiled leader, Carles Puigdemont.
Commission Statement on events in Catalonia

Commission: Independent Catalonia ‘would find itself outside of EU’

The Commission called today Catalonia's independence referendum "illegal", while the Catalan government said Sunday's vote had given it the right to declare independence from Spain.
Agrifood 06-07-2017

European agri-food: How Spain and the EU ensure quality

The European Union has put in place strict rules that govern food quality. The prestige this has created around the world has made the bloc competitive at the highest level. EURACTIV’s partner EFEAgro reports.
Economy & Jobs 22-06-2017

Debate: Tackling youth unemployment in the EU

Does Europe do enough for its youth? Half of young people in the EU's southern member states are neither employed nor in training.
Freedom of thought 08-03-2017

Spanish MEP Iratxe García Pérez speaks out against misogyny

Wednesday, 8 March, marks International Women’s Day, which celebrates the cultural, economic, social and political achievement of women. Yet, Spanish MEP Iratxe García Pérez explains that a gender-biased mentality persists.
The Youth Guarantee in Spain: How does it work?
Economy & Jobs 07-03-2017

The Youth Guarantee in Spain: How does it work?

More than 4.2 million young people are unemployed in Europe today, with Spain among the worst affected countries. The EU launched the Youth Guarantee as an attempt to turn this situation around, but how does it work? EuroEFE reports.
The EU's commitment to agricultural innovation is also a benefit to the consumer
Agrifood 28-07-2016

The EU’s commitment to agricultural innovation is also a benefit to the consumer

In innovation, 21st century agriculture and the food industry have the key tool needed for more efficient and sustainable production.
Elections 23-09-2015

Catalan rep: The EU should push Madrid towards a ‘more constructive stance’

'We would have already expected a more explicit invitation of encouragement by EU leaders and institutions to Madrid to engage in some kind of political discussion,” said Amadeu Altafaj, the Permanent Representative of Catalonia in Brussels.
EU Priorities 2020 15-04-2015

Juncker’s slap tickles Cañete

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker gave Miguel Cañete a playful slap on the cheek after the Spanish Climate Commissioner bowed to his king in Brussels earlier today (15 April).
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Economy & Jobs 06-03-2015

Schulz asks Spain and Greece to work ‘in a spirit of cooperation’

“We have to work together in a spirit of cooperation,” said European Parliament President Martin Schulz after Madrid and Athens had a war of words last week over Greece's extension of its bailout programme.
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Economy & Jobs 16-02-2015

Spanish FM rebukes Tsipras: “Rajoy doesn’t get nervous”

Spanish Finance Minister Luis De Guindos rejected Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ claim that he saw Spanish leader Mariano Rajoy 'looking nervous' as EU Heads of State discussed the Greece crisis at an EU Council Summit last week.
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Economy & Jobs 13-02-2015

Rajoy: Spain has no money to spare, expects Greece to repay Spanish loans

Speaking to journalists after the European Council meeting on Thursday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the Spanish government expects Greece to repay the 26 billion euro loan that Madrid granted Athens.
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Brexit 26-01-2015

Gibraltar wants to stay in EU even if UK pulls out

The Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar told EURACTIV that the small territory has established an independent mission in Brussels to represent its interests at a fraught moment in its history. The relationship with Spain -- which contests the sovereignty of the rock -- has worsened, with traffic queues now commonplace as a result of what Mr Garcia described as unjustified customs checks. But the UK's fractious relationship is also raising fears for Gibraltar's future were the UK to pull out of the EU. Were that to happen, he explained, the rock would seek to remain within the UK, and the EU. 
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Energy 04-12-2014

Cañete defends climate and energy credentials

Miguel Cañete, a controversial choice as Energy and Climate Commissioner, today (4 December) defended his credentials for the post.
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Economy & Jobs 10-10-2014

Catalan official: “We cannot treat Catalonia like a third country”

“There is no provision in the EU treaties to describe a process like the one is happening in Catalonia”, says secretary for Foreign and EU Affairs of the Government of Catalonia Roger Albinyana.
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Economy & Jobs 08-10-2014

Katainen: “I want 300 billion of real investment to support jobs”

In a three-hour hearing at the European Parliament on Tuesday, Commissioner-designate for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness Jyrki Katainen called for public/private partnerships, increased lending capacity for the European Investment Bank and other EU lending bodies, more “future investment” by EU nations in areas such as infrastructure and the completion of the single market.
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Energy 02-10-2014

Cañete: “Neither me nor my direct family have any link to oil companies”

In his confirmation hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, Spanish Commissioner-designate for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete said he and his family are now “completely detached” from the oil sector, after he sold his shares in oil companies Ducar and Petrologis.
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Brexit 19-09-2014

EU says Scotland’s NO vote good for “united and stronger” Europe

In a poll that attracted over 84% turnout, Scotland voted on Thursday to remain part of the United Kingdom by around 55% to 45%.
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Health 05-09-2014

Horizon 2020 must target cardiovascular diseases, health expert says

Vice-president of the Spanish Society of Cardiology Dr. Lina Badimón has called for an increase of EU research and investment only targeted to tackle cardiovascular diseases.
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Health 04-09-2014

ESC President calls on EU to reduce health inequality in Europe

The European Union should reduce health gaps between eastern and western countries, according to Professor Panos Vardas, president of the European Society of Cardiology.
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EU must regulate salt and fat content in foods, health expert warns

José Ramón González Juanatey, president of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, has called on the EU to regulate the salt and fat content of foods, “as they clearly promote obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases”. “The EU and also national governments must have the responsibility to regulate”, Juanatey said.
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EU Priorities 2020 10-06-2014

Catalan separatists build ‘human towers’ across EU to back independence referendum

Human towers, 8 levels high. Independence flags and signs saying “Catalans want to vote”.
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EU Commission to Spain: We have zero tolerance for misuse of EU funds

The European Commission said on Tuesday that it has already asked Spain 'for money to be returned', as there have been allegations of a misuse of EU funds in the construction of the high speed train between Madrid and Barcelona.