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Economy & Jobs 22-03-2017

Belgium told to get off the fence, stop blocking FTT

EU finance ministers have presented a compromise text for the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and urged Slovakia and Belgium, which is accused of deliberately blocking negotiations, to ratify it. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 22-06-2016

Nationalist MEP blames Soros for EU migration crisis

French MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser has blamed billionaire George Soros for having financed the “humanitarian infrastructures” that helped open Europe’s doors to uncontrolled flows of migrants, and for making money from the EU’s destabilisation.
Brexit 21-06-2016

In the event of a Brexit, Soros predicts the pound could cost as little as the euro

Billionaire George Soros, who famously profited by betting against the pound in a 1992 currency crisis, warned against ‘speculative forces’ and predicted a plunge in the sterling if Britain votes to leave the European Union.
Development Policy 12-10-2015

French plans to expand FTT may sink European negotiations

French MPs have voted to apply the Financial Transaction Tax to day trading, but the Ministry of Finance fears this will cause further delays to European negotiations. EURACTIV France reports
Euro & Finance 13-04-2012

Deutsche Börse accused of speculating against French debt

Eurex, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse, will launch on April 16 a new futures contract on French government bonds, a move that is drawing the ire of French Socialists who accused the German group of speculating on France's insolvency.
Euro & Finance 12-08-2011

Four EU countries curb short-selling

A ban on short-selling financial stocks in four European countries takes effect today (12 August). The move is aimed at restoring confidence in a market hit by rumours and higher borrowing costs.

G20 too divided to back tough curbs on speculators

French hopes for tough curbs on commodities speculation to tame soaring food prices look set to be thwarted as leading producer nations line up to oppose market interference.
Public Affairs 03-09-2010

Socialists plan ‘Citizens’ Initiative’ on taxing speculation

The Socialists may become the first to use the new European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) introduced by the Lisbon Treaty in their bid to request new EU legislation on taxing financial speculation, according to their leader Martin Schulz.
Euro & Finance 26-05-2010

Germany may extend ban on short selling

Germany may widen a ban on speculative trades in financial stocks to cover all shares, a draft finance ministry document showed yesterday (25 May).