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EU Priorities 2020 04-10-2013

Federalists table ‘Treaty of Bozar’

The federalist Spinelli Group and German think tank Bertelsmann Stiftung launched yesterday (3 October) a proposal for a reform of the Treaty of Lisbon in the form of a draft treaty called 'A Fundamental Law of the European Union'.
Elections 25-09-2013

Goulard: German liberals were punished for abandoning the EU

French liberal MEP Sylvie Goulard said that the German liberal FDP party, which failed to pass the 5% threshold for returning to the Bundestag in last Sunday’s elections, had been punished for “having lost their European commitment”.
Elections 26-03-2013

Spinelli forum stumbles over ‘easy’ questions

Participants in a public event of the federalist Spinelli Group overwhelmingly supported the introduction of minimal social standards at the EU level and the establishment of a common European industrial and energy policy. But the discussions failed to answer how such goals could be achieved.
Euro & Finance 28-06-2012

Federalists’ shadow summit calls for political union

Senior MEPs and politicians met this morning (28 June) to propose a ‘federal act’, which includes a banking, economic and fiscal union, backed by a political union that foresees additional changes to the Treaty after the 2014 elections.
Elections 27-03-2012

Federalists call for 2013 European primaries

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, co-chair of the Green/EFA group and one of the frontmen of the federalist Spinelli Group, called for primaries to be held one year ahead of the 2014 European elections to choose candidates for the next European Commission president.
Future EU 09-12-2011

Federalists want ‘people agora’ to decide EU future

Participants in a 'shadow summit' hosted yesterday (8 December) by the federalist Spinelli Group said they were "fed up" with the secretive political deals of EU leaders and called for a convention to map out a new vision for Europe.
Elections 13-01-2011

Spinelli Group preaches federalism to parliaments, media

A recently-established federalist body, the Spinelli Group, invited all its members to the European Parliament for the first time yesterday (12 January) for a debate on how to bring forward greater unity between Europeans.
Future EU 17-11-2010

Verhofstadt challenges the December ‘EU summit’

Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the liberal ALDE group, told EURACTIV that the newly established Spinelli Group, which is promoting federalism across Europe, is to hold a public event on 15 December, as an ideological challenge to a key EU summit starting the next day.