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Health 28-01-2021

Promoting sustainable tourism in the Alps requires a rethink, NGO director says

The Alps' magnificent mountain landscapes appear idyllic, calm and untouched - as long as you look at them from a certain angle. From another you are confronted by cleared forests for ski slopes, well-trodden paths and destroyed nature for hikers and mountain bikers.
Economy & Jobs 12-03-2019

Sport can help bring Europeans together, education expert says

In a period when Europe appears to be increasingly divided, sports can help bring people together and promote social integration, the president of the International School Sport Federation (ISF) and education expert Laurent Petrynka told EURACTIV in an interview.
Sports 14-12-2009

NGO: Balanced gender leadership in sport has ‘business benefits’

Sports organisations should strive towards better gender balance among their top executives, as women can generate new business by generating increased 'consumer' understanding and different arguments, says Amanda Bennett, chair of the European Women and Sport group, in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Sports 02-10-2009

Irish MEP: ‘Sport can bring EU closer to citizens’

The European Commission should use its upcoming sports competence to bring the EU closer to citizens by sports club twinning, cross-border exchange of minority sports and establishing an Erasmus programme for exchange of sportspeople, Irish MEP Seán Kelly told EURACTIV in an interview.
Sports 03-06-2009

OSDD: Life-cycle assessment key to ‘sustainable sports’

Making sport operations and activites environmentally friendly is possible, underlined the director of a French observatory for sport and sustainable development in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 15-05-2009

Figel’: ‘Sport is not business as usual’

Sport is not simply an economic sector like any other and has specific features that have to be recognised and dealt with at EU level, Jan Figel', the EU commissioner responsible for sport, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Sports 22-04-2009

APELS: Media focus on elite sports ‘overshadows social role’

Elite sports deflect media attention away from the educational and social roles of sport, argued Nathalie Rossel, co-founder of the French Agency for Education through Sport, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 20-02-2009

Official: Olympic movement backs EU involvement in sport

The EU's future competence on sport should enable more political discussions and avoid further European Court of Justice rulings that challenge the autonomy and specific nature of sports, said the head of the European Olympic Committee's (EOC) new EU office in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 27-11-2008

NGO: Grassroots sport ‘primary’ in active citizenship

Grassroots sports movements can play a key role in engaging citizens in societal challenges by promoting the instrumental value of sport as a means of delivering better health, social integration and environmental protection, argues a sports NGO in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Sports 18-11-2008

Official: Finnish sports programme to energise the nation

Finland is developing its first national sports programme, Raija Mattila, director of the sports division of Finland's education ministry, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Sports 17-10-2008

EU sport programme key to promote social values of sport

A potential future EU competence on sport should be based on social, educational and citizenship values, argues a sports NGO in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 04-06-2008

Sport ‘can help fight gender discrimination’

Sport can be a powerful tool to empower girls and women to achieve their full potential in society by creating an enabling environment for gender equality, argues the founder of an international fund supporting women's sport programmes in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 28-05-2008

Sport’s role in social development needs analysis

The concrete outcomes of local-level sports projects and activities in terms of intercultural dialogue and social development should be analysed and documented to get public authorities and other stakeholders to help support the current voluntary structures, argues the president of the International Sports and Culture Association Mogens Kirkeby in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Sports 03-08-2007

2010 Football World Cup ‘an opportunity for Africa’

With the FIFA World Cup due to take place in South Africa in 2010, Europe can use sport as a tool for development and to foster economic activity, argues Jean-Claude Mbvoumin of Culture Foot Solidaire.
Sports 05-07-2007

‘We need to promote walking and cycling’

The UK based Active Travel programme aims to find synergies between public health objectives and transport policy by simply promoting walking and cycling.
Sports 26-06-2007

Sport associations under-represented in EU obesity platform

The EU platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health still lacks representatives of the physical-activity side of the obesity problem, says Dr Gernot Wainig.
Sports 05-12-2006

‘Paralympics need more media attention’

Sponsors for athletes with disabilities will arrive faster with more extensive coverage, explain two Paralympic athletes in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 11-10-2006

Interview: ‘Professional and amateur sport – two different worlds’

The upcoming EU White Paper on sports should focus on amateur sports says MEP Hannu Takkula in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 27-07-2006

Clear definitions – a prerequisite for coherent EU sport policy

The up-coming EU white paper on sports should give a clear definition of sport and of its multiple dimensions, clarifying the different EU approaches to professional and amateur sport, says researcher Borja García.
Sports 14-07-2005

Researcher: EU should identify why young people drop out of sport

A study on why young people are dropping out of sport is a high priority for EU countries, says a leading sports science researcher from the WJH Mulier Institute. He also talks about the Eurobarometer survey on EU citizens and sport plus how comparable EU-wide sports participation could be compiled in the future.
Sports 21-06-2005

More comparable data on EU sports participation urgently needed, says German sports studies lecturer

Dr Katrin Petry from the German Sports University in Cologne tells EURACTIV that gathering accurate data about why people stop particular kinds of physical activity would help the EU determine where it can add value to national sports policies.
Sports 25-03-2005

Clash between socio-cultural and single market coalitions “currently a draw”

If approved, the Constitution will be the first time an EU treaty has included an explicit reference to sport. A Danish sports lawyer talks EURACTIV through the legal implications for the embryonic European Sports Policy.
Economy & Jobs 17-02-2005

Ján Figel – the ‘citizens’ commissioner’?

Ján Figel, the EU's education commissioner as well as the commissioner responsible for multilingualism (the first ever) and sport, tells EURACTIV how he intends to build a more 'citizen-friendly' Europe.
Sports 30-08-2004

Toine Manders – interview

Around 700 European clubs are suspected of receiving state aid but the Commission is wary about taking any action for fear of a public backlash, says Toine Manders in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.