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  • UK Lords back EU budget for sports

    News | Sports 07-04-2011

    Sport should be granted specific funding from the EU budget as it helps to deliver major policy objectives in areas like health, education and employment, argued a report published by the UK's House of Lords yesterday (6 April), giving weight to the European Commission's bid to ensure that the EU's new sports programme is adequately funded.  

  • Finns offer inspiration for EU health, sports policy

    News | Sports 23-02-2011

    Finnish policymakers were yesterday (22 February) in Brussels to outline how innovative projects in the south of the country can inspire similar action at EU level, revealing how prescribing exercise rather than drugs can improve public health. 

  • FIFA loses fight to block free TV sports coverage

    News | Sports 18-02-2011

    Major sports events such as the football World Cup will be available to all television viewers in Britain and Belgium after global soccer governing body FIFA lost a legal challenge yesterday (17 February) against a European Commission decision to ensure free TV coverage of lucrative tournaments.

  • EU court case could herald TV sports rights revolution

    News | Sports 04-02-2011

    Broadcasters cannot prevent consumers in the UK from using cheaper foreign satellite TV equipment to watch Premier League football matches as this breaches EU law, an adviser to Europe's highest court said yesterday (3 February), paving the way for a potential revolution in the sale of media sports rights in Europe.

  • Sports organisations hail EU media rights plans

    News | Sports 03-02-2011

    Leading sports organisations have backed plans by the European Commission to encourage collective selling of media rights in a bid to ensure that revenue is shared more evenly between sports clubs. But a British MEP expressed fear that the EU will interfere with TV rights for the English Premier League.  

  • London 2012 Olympics to have airport-style security

    News | Sports 14-01-2011

    Sports fans attending the London 2012 Olympics can expect airport-style security screening at venues, the policeman in charge of safety at the Games said yesterday (13 January).

  • Sport as development tool promotes solidarity and social inclusion

    Opinion | Sports 12-01-2011

    Sport, as a tool for education, development and peace, can promote cooperation, solidarity, tolerance, understanding, social inclusion and health at the local, national and international levels, according to leading European sports think-tank Sport and Citizenship.

  • Sports policy could help build ‘European identity’

    News | Science & Policymaking 06-01-2011

    The EU's sports policy has great potential to build a "common European identity," but is unfortunately under-funded and its success depends on political will, Laurent Thieule, president of a leading EU sports think-tank, told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Sports ministers kick off EU policy dialogue

    News | Science & Policymaking 23-11-2010

    Ministers gathered for the first ever EU Sports Council last week agreed to establish a regular dialogue between representatives of sports movements and EU policymakers. But observers warned that it was not yet clear who was representing the sports movement in Brussels. 

  • Sports policy to fall victim of EU budget row

    News | Science & Policymaking 19-11-2010

    European Commission officials yesterday (18 November) expressed doubt as to whether they would have enough funding to launch the European Union’s new sports policy after talks on the EU budget for 2011 collapsed. 

  • Commission looks to sports to drive EU Year of Volunteering

    News | Sports 15-11-2010

    Involvement in sports can drive citizens' involvement in the European Year of Volunteering in 2011, said policymakers at a conference on sport and European citizenship last week. 

  • Only a truly licensed and regulated gambling market can prevent corruption and match fixing

    Opinion | Sports 07-10-2010

    With the European Commission readying its Green Paper on online gambling, the recent cricket betting saga highlighted the need for European regulation that will allow bookmakers to continue to innovate and maintain their integrity, writes Khalid Ali, secretary-general of the European Sports Security Association (ESSA), in an opinion piece sent exclusively to EURACTIV.