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  • Olympic movement charts ‘off-limit’ sport rules

    News | Sports 19-02-2010

    With the new European Commission in place, the Olympic Movement has been quick to table its priorities for implementing the new EU competence on sport.

  • Vancouver Winter Olympics pinched by climate change

    News | Sports 10-02-2010

    Despite ambitious carbon offset targets, the organisers of the Vancouver Games are being forced to drive truckloads of snow down from higher mountains to the slopes due to relatively warm weather so that the 2010 Winter Olympics can kick off next Saturday (13 February).

  • Sport: Reconciling prosperity with political and financial independence

    Opinion | Sports 19-01-2010

    The main challenge for sports authorities is to reconcile prosperity with political and financial independence, writes Vincent Chaudel, director of sport at Ineum Consulting and vice-president of French think-tank Sport et Citoyenneté, in a December paper.

  • Vassiliou set to be offered ‘sporting chance’

    News | Sports 18-01-2010

    The first commissioner to shape the EU's new competence on sport policy said that she will, if confirmed, emphasise the societal role of sport and aim to use it as a vehicle to achieve positive change in other sectors, such as health, gender equality and education. 

  • Vassiliou vows to boost student mobility, job skills

    News | Languages & Culture 15-01-2010

    Providing better training and boosting the mobility of young Europeans is key to helping the EU to emerge from the crisis, Commissioner-designate for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth Androulla Vassiliou told MEPs at her hearing in the European Parliament yesterday (14 January).

  • NGO: Balanced gender leadership in sport has ‘business benefits’

    Interview | Sports 14-12-2009

    Sports organisations should strive towards better gender balance among their top executives, as women can generate new business by generating increased 'consumer' understanding and different arguments, says Amanda Bennett, chair of the European Women and Sport group, in an interview with EURACTIV. 

  • Women leaders ‘can help identify new sport markets’

    News | Sports 14-12-2009

    Sports organisations should strive towards better gender balance among their top executives, as women can generate new business by generating increased 'consumer' understanding and different arguments, says Amanda Bennett, chair of the European Women and Sport group, in an interview with EURACTIV. 

  • First EU sports projects to get off the ground

    News | Sports 07-12-2009

    The first call for preparatory EU projects in the field of sport attracted massive requests for funding from all over Europe. 18 projects were selected, dealing with health, education, disabilities and gender equality.

  • Lisbon Treaty gives EU a say on sports

    News | Sports 30-11-2009

    With the Lisbon Treaty set to enter into force tomorrow (1 December), giving the EU a formal competence on sport, the European Commission is about to launch a wide stakeholder consultation to prepare for the first EU sports programme, expected to be launched in 2012. 

  • Expectations high for future EU sport policy

    News | Sports 03-11-2009

    Taking stock of a consultation on the future EU sport policy, the European Commission said citizens expect a lot from the upcoming EU competence on sports. 

  • EU prepares for new sport powers

    News | Sports 02-11-2009

    With the final hurdles to ratifying the Lisbon Treaty overcome last week, the EU is starting major preparations for the successful introduction of Europe's new competence on sport and the development of a proper EU sport programme. 

  • Women’s sport network hopes to pick up steam

    News | Sports 27-10-2009

    The Treaty of Lisbon, once it has entered into force, will give the EU a competence on sport, and the European Women and Sports (EWS) network wants to make sure that women's concerns are taken on board in all aspects of the policy. 

  • Parliament asks for €3 million for 2010 sport projects

    News | Sports 26-10-2009

    The European Parliament amended the EU's draft budget for 2010 last week to include €3 million for sport projects. This is €1.5 million more than proposed by the EU executive, but still less than the previous annual budget.

  • Sport and the EU treaties

    Policy Brief | Sports 19-10-2009

    So far, the EU's involvement in sport policy has revolved around its economic aspects but with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty on 1 December 2009, Europe now has a legal base to provide a supporting role to member states in the social, educational and cultural aspects of sport.

  • Olympic movement goes digital to engage under-18s

    News | Sports 13-10-2009

    The XIIIth Olympic Congress last week approved a number of recommendations for using digital technology and the Youth Olympic Games as tools to boost interest in physical activity among young people.

  • Rio de Janeiro to host 2016 Olympics

    News | Sports 05-10-2009

    The first Olympic Games to be hosted on the South American continent are expected to give Rio an economic boost and help transform the city into a safer place.

  • Irish MEP: ‘Sport can bring EU closer to citizens’

    Interview | Sports 02-10-2009

    The European Commission should use its upcoming sports competence to bring the EU closer to citizens by sports club twinning, cross-border exchange of minority sports and establishing an Erasmus programme for exchange of sportspeople, Irish MEP Seán Kelly told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Lisbon Treaty seen favouring ‘sports Erasmus’ for athletes

    News | Sports 02-10-2009

    As the Irish prepare to vote on the Lisbon Treaty today (2 October), MEP Seán Kelly told EURACTIV in an interview what the treaty means for EU sports policy and how he expects the European Commission to use its potential new powers. 

  • Francophone Games kick off in Beirut

    News | Sports 28-09-2009

    The sixth Francophone Games, inaugurated yesterday (27 September) in Beirut, bring together some 3,000 delegates from 42 countries to compete in six sports and seven cultural events over the next ten days.

  • EU urges ‘financial fairplay’ in football

    News | Sports 21-09-2009

    The European Commission last week welcomed football governing body UEFA's adoption of new rules to control costs and ensure financial fairness in football club management, describing the development as an example of transparency and self-governance for other sports to follow. 

  • Commission seeks to map sports volunteering

    News | Sports 17-09-2009

    Stakeholders have been asked to help the European Commission to understand how sports volunteering currently works in different member states so that the EU executive can identify possible future actions and policies.

  • MEPs back higher EU sports budget for 2010

    News | Sports 08-09-2009

    The European Parliament's education and culture committee last week argued that EU sports funding for 2010 should be kept at its 2009 level of €6 million, instead of €1.5 million proposed by the EU executive. 

  • Sports federations scrutinised over discrimination

    News | Sports 25-08-2009

    Following complaints by citizens, the European Commission has decided to conduct a thorough analysis of discriminatory provisions adopted by sports federations vis-à-vis non-nationals in the EU 27. Recommendations putting an end to such practices could be ready by the end of 2010. 

  • Decision on 2016 Olympics set for autumn

    News | Sports 31-07-2009

    The executive board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will meet in Berlin on 13-14 August 2009 to select two new sports to recommend for inclusion in the programme for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, the host of which will be announced in October.