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Regional Policy 28-08-2012

More integration with more attractive regions for investment

There are still significant economic disparities within the EU, such as the ones between North and South or among different EU regions. But EU member states have a common interest in tackling those challenges together, argues Rodi Kratsa-Tsagapopoulou.
Global Europe 22-02-2011

Libyan chaos and its regional impact

Events in Libya are different from those in Tunisia and Egypt and could eventually lead to civil war there, according to global intelligence company Stratfor. This could in turn have a profound impact on other countries in the region and affect the political stability of the whole Middle East, warns Stratfor in a commentary.
Euro & Finance 15-06-2007

‘Use the boom’, Commission tells EU

Although EU public finances improved dramatically last year, many member states are still failing to use the economic boom to decrease their deficits further, the Commission said this week.
Enlargement 17-10-2006

Commentary: Is Central Europe a Basket Case?

Jiri Pehe takes a look at the political turmoil currently raging in central and Eastern Europe in this Transitions Online article from 6 October 2006, and draws the conclusion that these events will not lead to permanent instability.
Euro & Finance 08-05-2006

German hoarding will give short-term boost to EU economy

The EU economy will grow stronger in 2006 than in previous years, according to the Commission's spring economic forecast. The boost will be partly due to stockpiling before a major VAT rise in Germany.
Euro & Finance 06-10-2005

‘Creative accounting’ hides stability pact breaches

Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquín Almunia has accused member states of applying tricks learnt from the corporate sphere to hide deficits in breach of the Stability and Growth Pact.
Euro & Finance 03-09-2004

Commission unveils plans to make Stability Pact more “intelligent”

Greater focus on debt and sustainability is a major part of the Commission's drive to achieve a better balance between sustainable growth and sustainable finances.