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EU staff strike may disrupt upcoming leadership summit

Trade unions in the EU institutions warned they could go on strike next week, threatening to disrupt a European summit on 27-28 June if the European Commission doesn’t withdraw a proposed reform of staff regulations. Trade unions say the Commission is keeping EU officials in the dark about the latest developments in the negotiations.

EU staff threaten new strike against pay and benefit cuts

Workers in EU institutions are preparing to go on strike on 5 June if the European Council, where member states sit, get the upper hand in a proposed reform of the institutions’ staff regulations. Trade unions described the Council position as the “most serious attack” on civil servants’ incomes the EU has ever seen.
Future EU 19-12-2012

Salaries of EU officials to increase in new year

Failed attempts to modify the EU's staff regulation will result in an automatic pay increase for European civil servants, the European Commission admitted yesterday (18 December) as a special 5.5% tax on salaries is due to expire.