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EU Priorities 2020 17-04-2013

Nilsson: Reforms have made Europe better than three years ago

Europe is better now than three years ago as the crisis has forced EU leaders towards further integration, Staffan Nilsson told EURACTIV at the end of his mandate as president of the European Economic and Social Committee.
Agrifood 22-03-2012

Europe needs to nurture a new generation of farmers

The Common Agricultural Policy's reform needs to be decoupled from strict, technical standards that will be unappealing to younger generations if we are to have a sustainable farm policy, writes Staffan Nilsson.
EU Priorities 2020 26-01-2012

Citizens’ Initiative: Trust collective wisdom

The European Union will soon launch the European Citizens' Initiative, a new tool to enhance participatory democracy and dialogue between the EU institutions and citizens. Staffan Nilsson, president of the European Economic and Social Committee, is confident that the instrument will empower Europeans to deliver collective wisdom.
Brexit 19-01-2012

Rio+20: We need more flesh on the bones

European institutions should work together to come out with a compact programme that would allow EU negotiators to hold the leading role in the forthcoming Rio Earth Summit, says Staffan Nilsson, president of the European Economic and Social Committee, and EU consultative body.
Future EU 15-12-2011

What are we afraid of losing by saving Europe?

The EU is in need of further integration in order to face the challenges posed by the financial crisis and act with a sense of solidarity and common responsibility, says Staffan Nilsson, president of the European Economic and Social Committee.
Brexit 25-10-2011

Europe: You can’t have both more and less

Some EU leaders simultaneously want to opt out of EU policies and be more involved in their elaboration, an untenable contradiction which is misleading their electorates, argues Staffan Nilsson.
Future EU 07-10-2011

Europe is not the cause of all your woes

José Manuel Barroso's State of the Union speech to the European Parliament presented a welcome contrast with the Euroscepticism and pessimism of public discourse in Europe today, argues Staffan Nilsson.
Energy 16-09-2011

More Europe for energy too

Europe's energy needs could be better met through a European Energy Community providing for common negotiations with external providers, a common market and shared research, argues Staffan Nilsson, president of the European Economic and Social Committee.

Let’s get back to EU values

Europe needs to return to its core values of integration, tolerance and diversity as the means of coping with globalisation, argues European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) President Staffan Nilsson.
Future EU 15-07-2011

Poland: A Tonic for Europe

The optimistic tone Poland has adopted for its six-month presidency of the European Union is providing a welcome antidote to the reigning discourse of austerity, Euroscepticism and xenophobia in other countries, argues Staffan Nilsson.