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Economy & Jobs 07-01-2020

Eurozone growth driven by services, weighed down by industry slump

While the eurozone's private sector stagnated until December 2019, the manufacturing sector saw a prolonged slump. It is the services sector that continues to drive the Eurozone's growth. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Euro & Finance 13-01-2016

‘Zeroflation’ baffles central bankers

Discussions between central bankers often revolve around interest rates. But for the architects of the world's monetary policy, who met in Paris on Tuesday (12 January), ultra-low interest rates were the order of the day. EURACTIV France reports
Euro & Finance 27-05-2010

Rehn fears stagnation, urges reforms, scolds Germany

The EU's monetary affairs chief said on Wednesday (26 May) Europe faced economic stagnation and political irrelevance if it did not carry out reforms and chided Germany for acting alone in banning some short-selling activities.