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Digital 23-06-2014

Lobbyists increasingly look online to influence EU policy

Public affairs in Europe is increasingly moving online to reach EU policy makers, linking their campaigns to what high-level official of the EU Commission, Robert Madelin, called the ‘creation of a digital public service’ on Thursday (19 June).
Public Affairs 22-04-2009

Chemicals industry questions value of stakeholder dialogue

The current format of stakeholder dialogue practised in Europe "has no value in itself," according to a leading figure in the chemicals sector.
EU Priorities 2020 06-02-2007

Berlin Communication conference demands ‘practical steps’

Concrete action on EU Communication is more imperative than mere debate on a 'European Public Sphere'. This was the main conclusion of the most recent stakeholder debate on the EU's Communication White Paper, held in Berlin on 18-19 January 2007.
Brexit 22-09-2006

Citizens, SMEs question benefits of single market

EU citizens, businesses and governments agree that the single market has driven economic growth but citizens and SMEs still feel that most benefits go to big business.
Public Affairs 19-06-2006

Stakeholder consultation: A voice for civil society in Europe?

EU institutions have always sought input by national administrations, businesses and civil society groups - or lobbyists - to assist them shaping or implementing policies. The practice became compulsory in 1997 with the Amsterdam Treaty requiring the Commission to consult widely and publish documents before putting forward major new pieces of legislation. This led to the adoption of basic principles for public consultation to ensure all relevant interested parties are properly heard. Three years on, the Commission wants to take the process to the next level by making public consultations a full aspect of EU lawmaking. In doing this, the Commission hopes to bolster the EU's transparency and legitimacy and regain public trust in the European project.

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