About: Stakeholder Forum on CSR

Parliament criticises Commission on CSR

A Parliament report on the Commission's Communication on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), adopted on 9 March 2007, is critical of the Commission's approach of letting companies decide how to incorporate social and environmental concerns into business practices.

Open dispute between Commission and NGOs on CSR

The Commission has contradicted claims from NGOs that the latter shall be excluded from future talks on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Environmental groups insist on the truth of their claims.

CSR Stakeholder Forum marked by disagreement

Business and NGOs clash on conclusions of final report of Multi Stakeholder Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Voluntary vs mandatory to remain point of contention in CSR

Placing the emphasis on voluntary initiatives or mandatory measures is the hot debate as the EU's Multi Stakeholder Forum on CSR concludes its 20-month mandate and delivers its final conclusions.

Stakeholder Forum preparing its final report

The Multi-Stakeholder Forum on CSR has completed its round table meetings. Its task is now to draw conclusions which will feed into a follow-up Communication by the Commission due to come out later this year.