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Technology 06-04-2022

The risk of fragmentation for international standards

The EU's standardisation strategy is trying to prevent the lagging of European companies but might open the door for the regionalisation of international standards.
Technology 03-02-2022

European Commission sets out a plan to regain clout in standard-setting

The European Commission's new Standardisation Strategy outlines a renewed commitment to engage in the definition of technological standards for emerging technologies to counter growing international competition.
Energy 21-06-2016

Fawkes: Let’s move energy efficiency away from the subsidised world

There are lots of investors and lenders now who want to deploy capital into energy efficiency. But the lack of standardisation, which causes uncertainty, is a barrier, Steven Fawkes told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an exclusive interview.
EU Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger in Silicon Valley this week
Technology 24-09-2015

European standardisation process ain’t broke, so don’t fix it

As Gunther Oettinger, sits down to discuss standards during his trip to the US this week, Paul Meller explains why Europe’s approach to this important topic does not need a massive overhaul.

New players cause headaches for mobile payments standards

The multitude of interested stakeholders attempting to break into novel mobile payments (m-payments) markets is holding up the creation of common standards, a leading standards body representative has admitted.
Technology 26-02-2013

Connected cities to cause data explosion, but standards still lacking

SPECIAL REPORT / By 2018, mobile operators will take more revenue globally from pure data than from their traditional voice services as the world moves towards hyper-connected cities, industry analysts predict. But technological standards remain scarce, EURACTIV reports from the the GSMA conference in Barcelona.

Consumer groups seek tougher EU rules on chemicals in toys

Consumer advocates say European policymakers are 'playing' with children's health despite the enactment last year of the Toy Safety Directive, and call for strengthening the chemical requirements for toys.
Technology 21-09-2012

New smartphone launches compatibility furore

The Apple iPhone 5, launched in shops today (21 September) in some European countries, has come under fire from consumer groups for its new connecter, which renders old devices obsolete.
Technology 25-06-2012

New standardisation promotes ICT trade and competition

The recently agreed new Regulation on EU Standardisation – and a new multistakeholder platform - represent a milestone for the ICT sector and a good result for the Danish presidency, say Jean Laurens and Rebekka Porath.
Innovation 01-03-2012

Huawei Exec.: Tension between technology and privacy hampers industry

A new industry standard is on its way for smart home technology, but there are other challenges facing the industry, notably the clash between technology and privacy, according to Huawei’s standards expert Richard Brennan.
Trade & Society 31-05-2011

Brussels to push EU-wide standards for services

The European Commission will unveil plans on Wednesday (1 June) to introduce EU-wide standards for the provision of "all services" ranging from tourism to logistics, according to draft proposals seen by EURACTIV.
Brexit 18-04-2011

Business balks at EU plans for services ‘standardisation’

Proposals to introduce standardisation systems across Europe – covering services that could range from tattooists to tourism – have met with hostility from business and caution from consumer groups.
Transport 01-09-2010

EU eyes single ticket for multi-transport journey

Travellers could plan their trips in a one-stop shop, buying just one ticket for a journey with multiple means of transport instead of going through different long and complex ticketing procedures, if plans from the European Commission go ahead. 
Health 03-11-2008

Report identifies barriers to eHealth standardisation

Conflicting ICT standards in the health sector are creating interoperability problems between computerised health information systems, leading to unnecessarily high costs of health services and missed opportunities for industry development, concludes an overview of eHealth development in the EU.
Technology 03-04-2008

Microsoft wins key standards battle

The Office Open XML code used by Microsoft to enable content exchange among different software - thus facilitating the storage and future use of documents - has become an international standard after months of controversial negotiations.

EU to tighten up product standardisation

A 20-year old approach to European product standardisation is due to undergo revision in the first half of 2006 due to shortcomings in how the voluntary rules are implemented at national level.

Commission pays tribute to experts involved in standards making

On 14 October, World Standards Day, the Commission paid tribute to all experts around the world involved in standards making.

Commission calls for more SME involvement in EU standardisation

The Commission on 10 October called for more involvement of small and medium sized enterprises in EU standardisation to create their own competitive edge.

Internal Market Council to focus on patents, the euro and Barcelona

The Consumer and Internal Market Council will on 1 March mainly focus on the community and software patents, consumer issues and the euro and preparations for the internal market discussions for the Barcelona Summit.
Climate change 20-02-2002

Packaging standards discussion raises questions over “new approach”

DG Environment has in a recent working document outlined possible options concerning the future use of CEN standardisation for packaging waste. Stakeholders and Member States are being consulted on the document.
Climate change 09-10-2000

Packaging industry defends CEN standards

EUROPEN, the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment, calls upon the Commission to adopt the CEN packaging standards.
Climate change 05-10-2000

Citizens’ organisations attack CEN packaging standards

The EEB and ANEC strongly criticised the recently drafted CEN standards for packaging and the packaging waste directive.