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Economy & Jobs 16-01-2020

European Standards build trust in the Single Market

The more than 24.000 European standards existing play a fundamental role in making the Single Market work efficiently: they make it easier to sell products and services across Europe and beyond, improve safety, protect consumer, reduce red tape and foster innovation.
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Economy & Jobs 04-12-2019

Standards Build Trust

We all want the best for Europe: for our citizens, for our industries, for our consumers, for the future.
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Standards build trust!

European standards help Europe meet today and tomorrow’s technological and societal challenges. They support Europe’s priorities through improving business performance and creating trust.
Trade & Society 26-08-2015

Mass protest against TTIP and CETA to take place in Berlin

More than 30 organisations are teaming up for a major demonstration against TTIP and CETA, with concerns ranging from the end of cultural diversity in Europe to devastating effects the deals could have in developing countries. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 19-09-2014

Nothing wrong with chlorine-washed chicken, say German backers of TTIP

Fears over falling consumer protection standards in the event of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are unfounded, a recent study by a Cologne institute has said, arguing that the EU-US trade deal has the potential to offer Germany significant economic and geopolitical opportunities. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Top EU scientist calls for ethical standards to ease suspicion of industry

The suspicion that industrial involvement in science is only geared towards profit threatens to derail European policymaking and new ethical standards could help solve the issue, the EU’s chief scientific advisor has said.
Health 05-01-2011

Common mobile phone charger to hit EU shelves

A universal charger for phones that can be connected to a computer is expected to reach European consumers in the coming weeks, as new harmonised standards are now available for major mobile phone producers, the European Commission has announced.
Transport 30-06-2010

EU mandates standard plug for electric cars

European Commissioner Antonio Tajani yesterday (29 June) gave European standardisation organisations a mandate to develop a common charging system for electric vehicles. 
Global Europe 29-04-2010

EU-US lawmakers eye new partnership

With the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the US Congress is ready to reap the benefits of the European Parliament's strengthened role and renew its ties with legislators in Brussels.
Public Affairs 30-10-2008

Businesses fear EU-US regulatory frenzy after election

EU consumer groups are calling for transatlantic product standards legislation to be better enforced. But business representatives warn that regulatory cooperation is "not always very good" for industry.

EU to tighten up product standardisation

A 20-year old approach to European product standardisation is due to undergo revision in the first half of 2006 due to shortcomings in how the voluntary rules are implemented at national level.