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EU Priorities 2020 19-10-2010

Crossick remembered for passionate commitment to EU integration

EURACTIV is republishing this interview in memory of Stanley Crossick, political analyst, doyen of EU integration and founding chairman of the European Policy Centre, who sadly passed away on 20 November. It is up to member states, not Brussels, to inform citizens about the benefits of the EU and prevent them from being deceived, Stanley told EURACTIV in his last interview in October.
Public Affairs 14-05-2010

Europe still needs Schuman

"History teaches us that the EU progresses through crises, and we can but hope that history repeats itself," writes Stanley Crossick, founding director of the European Policy Centre, in a May post on Blogactiv.
Future EU 11-02-2010

EU-US summit: A surfeit of summitry

"The European Union holds too many bilateral summits too often, sometimes with unclear agendas," writes Stanley Crossick, founding chairman of the European Policy Centre, in a February post on Blogactiv.
EU Priorities 2020 26-01-2010

Crossick: Europe should dust off its founding fathers’ ideals

There is a seat for Europe at the world talks table, but European leaders need to become more strategic and revisit the successful approach of the EU's founding fathers, Stanley Crossick, the founding chairman of the European Policy Centre, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Global Europe 30-11-2009

Crossick: Lifting arms embargo can break EU-China stalemate

Although the EU will enter today's (30 November) EU-China summit with a revamped outlook provided by the Lisbon Treaty, no major turning point should be expected from the meeting unless Europe commits itself to lifting its arms embargo against China, argues Stanley Crossick, founding chairman of the European Policy Centre (EPC), in an interview with EURACTIV.
Future EU 24-11-2009

The new EU appointees: First reactions may be wrong

"Two low-key appointees are more likely to construct the necessary basis for a stronger and more unified role for the EU on the world stage," writes Stanley Crossick, founding chairman of the European Policy Centre, in a November post on Blogactiv.
Future EU 18-11-2009

Lisbon Treaty: Single voice or cacophony?

Even though the Lisbon Treaty is supposed to clear up the EU decision-making process, the roles of the European Commission president, the European Council president, the EU foreign policy chief and the rotating Council president should still be defined, Stanley Crossick explains in a November post on Blogactiv.
EU Priorities 2020 25-09-2009

A new Barroso?

"The standing of the [European] Commission vis-à-vis the other institutions has fallen during the last five years. It is vital for the European Union that this trend be reversed," writes Stanley Crossick, founder of the European Policy Centre, in a July post on Blogactiv.
Brexit 27-07-2009

The UK Tories’ European policy: The road to oblivion

The tone of UK Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague's 21 July speech to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London "takes us back to Winston Churchill's image of Britain at the centre of three concentric circles: transatlantic, Commonwealth and European - a world that no longer exists," writes Stanley Crossick, founder of the European Policy Centre, in a July post on Blogactiv.
Trade & Society 23-07-2009

‘Buy Chinese’: Is China fuelling protectionism?

Recent moves by the Chinese government in a protectionist direction are worrying and have uncertain consequences, writes Stanley Crossick, founding chair of the European Policy Centre, in a recent post on Blogactiv.
Languages & Culture 13-07-2009

Nuclear weapons are anti-Islamic

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, has said on several occasions that "the production, stockpiling, and use of nuclear weapons are forbidden under Islam," observes European Policy Centre (EPC) founding chair Stanley Crossick in a recent post on Blogactiv.
Trade & Society 18-05-2009

EU-China High Level Economic & Trade Dialogue love-in

"It is not possible […] to take an optimistic view of the trade relationship" between the EU and China, writes European Policy Centre founder Stanley Crossick in a May blog post reflecting on the High-Level Economic & Trade Dialogue (HED), which took place in Brussels on 7-8 May.
EU Priorities 2020 05-05-2009

G20 London summit: After the dust has settled

"The US-China relationship is becoming the most important bilateral relationship in the world," writes Stanley Crossick, the founder of the European Policy Centre, in a March blog post reflecting on the outcome of the recent G20 summit in London.
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2009

Crossick: Obama’s first 100 days didn’t disappoint

US President Barack Obama has already taken substantial steps to improve the United States' relations with its Western partners, seek dialogue with the Muslim world and address hotbeds of tension, Stanley Crossick, the founding chairman of European Policy Centre, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Future EU 06-04-2009

Can an Irish protocol be added to Croatia’s Accession Agreement?

"There is unlikely to be anyone with locus standi who would challenge non-compliance with Community law [in the European Court of Justice]" on the Irish protocol issue, writes Stanley Crossick, the founder of the European Policy Centre and a commentator on EU policies, on his blog.
Global Europe 28-11-2008

China musn’t feel humiliated by the West

"There is a gulf of misunderstanding between China and the West over Tibet and the Dalai Lama," argues Stanley Crossick, founding chairman of the European Policy Centre (EPC), in a post on Blogactiv.eu.
Global Europe 13-05-2008

Following up EU’s China visit ‘crucial’

An April visit by EU officials to China to launch a 'High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue Mechanism' was a "success", writes Stanley Crossick on Blogactiv.

Kosovo: An EU foreign policy success or failure?

Recognition of Kosovo's independence by most EU member states is an "unfortunate solution" because it lacks the backing of the UN Security Council and Serbia's approval, but the status quo provides for no alternative, argues Stanley Crossick on Blogactiv.
Future EU 01-02-2008

Speculating over the leading EU posts in 2009

The precise nature of the three high-level posts created by the Treaty of Lisbon and their ability to cooperate closely will be critical for the future of the Union, writes Stanley Crossick on Blogactiv.
Global Europe 18-01-2008

China & the EU: A common future

China and the European Union have an "inescapable common future", with no alternative but to co-operate more closely for the sake of their peoples' well-being and prosperity as well as world peace and stability, writes Stanley Crossick on Blogactiv, quoting from his latest book "China-EU: A common future". 
Trade & Society 22-11-2007

Whither EU-China relations?

The EU-China relationship has entered a worrying period in terms of economic and political relations, writes Stanley Crossick on Blogactiv. 

‘EU decision-making lacks public policy debates’

Leading independent Brussels think-tank the European Policy Centre (EPC) recently celebrated its tenth birthday. EPC Director and Founding Chairman Stanley Crossick talks to EURACTIV about harnessing think-tanks' potential to reach out to EU citizens.