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Competition 24-09-2019

EU justice dismisses Starbucks tax ruling case, upholds Fiat

The EU general court rejected on Tuesday (24 September) the European Commission's decision that Starbucks had enjoyed a selective advantage in the Netherlands but confirmed assessment that Fiat had benefited from an unlawful tax ruling in Luxembourg.
Euro & Finance 31-08-2016

After Apple, EU may focus on companies closer to home

Multinational companies can expect the European Commission to press on with a crack down on sweetheart tax deals after handing Apple a breathtaking demand for €13 billion, officials and experts said on Wednesday (31 August).
Euro & Finance 26-11-2015

TAXE committee to fight tax evasion for another six months

The European Parliament yesterday (25 November) adopted the TAXE committee's report on the tax practices of big businesses in Europe. But Europe's work on tax evasion is only just beginning. EURACTIV France reports
Euro & Finance 05-11-2015

Remember the fifth of November: Gunpowder, treason and tax?

This 5 November will not just be the anniversary of an attempt to destroy the Houses of Parliament, but also the anniversary of Luxleaks, write Elena Gaita and Alex Johnson. 

Facebook and Google to be grilled by MEPs over tax

In a last minute move, Facebook and Google announced Friday (23 October) that they will appear before the European Parliament next month to be grilled by MEPs on their controversial tax arrangements, Parliament officials said.

Brussels orders EU countries to claw back ‘illegal’ tax rulings

Europe's competition chief ordered the Netherlands to recover €20-30 million in back taxes from Starbucks on Wednesday (21 October) and told Luxembourg to claim the same amount from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.
Euro & Finance 01-04-2015

EU probes Luxembourg on McDonald’s tax avoidance deal

EU antitrust regulators have asked Luxembourg for information on its tax rulings for McDonald's after labour unions accused the US fast food chain of avoiding taxes, a person involved in the issue said Tuesday (31 March).
Euro & Finance 15-10-2014

Ireland to phase out tax loophole

Ireland will phase out a tax loophole that multinationals use to save billions of dollars under sweeping changes to its corporate tax structure announced in its new budget yesterday (14 October), the first in seven years without new austerity measures.