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The EU’s state aid regime is upside down

The European Commission’s approach to state aid is contradicting green recovery ambitions. While the EU recovery programme is focused on the Green Deal, national subsidy schemes are pouring money all across the economy without clear ecological focus, writes Claude Turmes.
Energy 31-01-2019

Romania keeps giving state aid to coal even as it holds EU presidency

Romania is continuing to prop up its ailing coal sector, blatantly ignoring EU state aid rules, even as the country claims to be defending EU values while holding the rotating presidency of the bloc, writes Alexandru Mustață.
Electricity 03-04-2018

‘Capacity markets’ must remain technologically-neutral

The European Parliament’s approach to electricity market design is a serious challenge to security of energy supply in Poland and other EU member states, warns Frank Umbach.
Trade & Society 19-09-2016

Vestager’s poisoned Apple

Kicking the big guy in the shins is always a popular political diversion – particularly when the big guy in question is an American multinational, writes Dick Roche.
Euro & Finance 22-08-2014

New EU rules can stop politically motivated hostile takeovers

New EU state aid rules can protect companies from politically motivated hostile takeovers by third countries, writes Pawe? Jarczewski.
Energy 09-04-2014

Only renewables can create an integrated, competitive EU energy market

The European Commission’s state aid decision on 9 April has put renewable energy support schemes in the firing line, and threatened attainment of the 2030 climate and energy goals, even though renewable energy has created – and not obstructed – competition, writes Martin Schoenberg.
Transport 17-02-2014

The truth behind (not so) cheap flights

As the European Commission publishes its new state aid guidelines for airports and airlines on 19 February 2014, Jacek Krawczyk argues that aviation needs to be treated as a business by restoring a level playing field in the sector and stop the race for subsidies.
Med & South 20-01-2009

Gaza’s hell : Why the EU must change its policy

"The EU has to restructure its failed strategy [in Gaza] and seek to bring the new US administration to a similar re-appraisal and policy change," argue Michael Emerson and Richard Youngs, associate senior research fellows at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), and Natalie Tocci, senior research fellow at the Istituto Affari Internazionali in Rome, in a January CEPS report.