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Elections 18-12-2014

First attempt to elect Stavros Dimas president of Greece fails

Greek lawmakers failed to elect a new president in a first round of voting yesterday (17 December), leaving Prime Minister Antonis Samaras looking for as many as 20 votes from independents and small parties, in order to avoid snap elections early next year.
Development Policy 08-12-2009

Dimas: ‘We need a climate treaty by next June’

Setting a clear timetable for delivering a comprehensive legally binding climate treaty by mid-2010 is a must, the EU's Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas told EURACTIV in an interview.
Development Policy 09-12-2008

Dimas: EU to push for ‘shared vision’ at UN climate talks

The main elements of an international agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol are already there, says Stavros Dimas, the EU’s Environment Commissioner. What is still missing is “a shared vision” on how to achieve the objectives, he told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Development Policy 12-02-2007

Dimas on business attitudes to climate change

Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas answers EURACTIV's questions about business attitudes to EU climate-change policies, the next phase of the emissions trading system and the German government's role in promoting sustainable businesses.