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Economy & Jobs 20-03-2015

Juncker unaware of Ukrainian oligarch who copied his investment plan

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday (20 March) he was not aware that a Ukrainian oligarch close to Moscow had set up a strategic investment fund for the country, to which several European VIPs have loaned their names.
Elections 14-06-2013

Turkish government rages at EU criticism

The Turkish government reacted furiously to a resolution adopted by the European Parliament, condemning Ankara for not being conciliatory in the face of protests that left several dead and thousands injured.  EURACTIV Turkey reports. 
Elections 07-06-2013

Füle to meet Erdo?an as political discontent continues

EU Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle was preparing on Friday (7 June) to meet Turkey’s embattled prime minister, who has remained defiant after a week of demonstrations and growing distance from some of his political allies. EURACTIV Turkey reports.
Armenia 20-03-2013

EU cooperation report says Moldova, Georgia overtake Ukraine

Over the last year, Moldova and Georgia have cooperated “quite well” with the EU, under the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), while Ukraine, which used to be the front-runner, is lagging behind, according to reports to be published today (20 March).
Europe's East 14-02-2013

Georgian minister: EU remains priority despite ‘Russian rapprochement’

Tamar Beruchachvili, Georgia's deputy state minister of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, told EURACTIV that the country’s new policy towards Russia “would certainly not jeopardise relations with the EU”.
Europe's East 30-11-2012

Füle pours cold water on Ukraine’s EU hopes

Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, has poured cold water over Ukraine’s ambition to hold a summit with the Union and sign an Association Agreement.
Enlargement 31-08-2012

Füle: Date for talks depends solely on Serbia

Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle says the date for launching accession talks between Serbia and the EU depends on whether and when Serbia would meet the criteria set by European Council. BETA, the EURACTIV partner agency in Serbia reports.
Enlargement 13-08-2012

Füle: Enlargement brings ‘positive news’ in times of crisis

Even in times of crisis, nine European countries strive to join the EU. It would be an “enormous mistake” if the Union would lose interest in expansion, Štefan Füle told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an exclusive interview.
Future EU 21-06-2012

Cyprus signals freeze of reunification talks

Ten days before it takes over the rotating EU presidency, Cyprus said it would “put on the back burner” the long-standing reunification talks with Turkey to focus instead on a complex Union agenda. Meanwhile, EU Commissioner for enlargement Štefan Füle urged Nicosia to proceed on both tracks.
Europe's East 25-05-2012

Ukraine asks EU to be patient for Tymoshenko solution

All the major political parties in the European Parliament united yesterday (24 May) to back a resolution putting pressure on Ukraine to free the jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.
Enlargement 29-02-2012

Romania accused of ‘lack of European spirit’ over Serbia’s candidacy

Romania tried unsuccessfully to block Serbia from gaining the status of EU candidate at the General Affairs ministerial meeting held yesterday (28 February), drawing accusations that it lacked "European spirit".
EU Priorities 2020 28-02-2012

Lithuania wants visa-free travel for Ukraine in 2013

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis said he would make visa-free travel for Ukrainian citizens travelling to Europe a priority when his country takes over the rotating EU presidency in the first half of 2013. But he admitted that progress was dependent on Kyiv.
Enlargement 16-12-2011

EU-Ukraine relations: A geopolitical test

The European Union and Ukraine have been long-negotiating an Association Agreement tied with an unprecedentedly far-reaching free trade deal. At stake is not only the economic partnership, but also the country's political future, caught between historic ties with Moscow and uncertain prospects of prosperity and 'Europeanisation' with Brussels.
Enlargement 23-11-2011

Danish presidency dampens Serbian EU hopes

Denmark's permanent representative to the EU said today (23 November) that he does not foresee the start of accession talks with Serbia under the coming Danish presidency, despite high expectations created in Belgrade by the arrest of war crimes fugitives.
Enlargement 26-05-2011

Serbia’s EU prospects brighten after Mladi? arrest

EU leaders hastened to welcome the arrest of war criminal Ratko Mladi? by Serbian authorities today (26 May). Surrendering Mladi?, known as 'the butcher of Srebrenica', to the International Crime Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia was a major precondition of granting Serbia candidate EU member status.
Enlargement 20-05-2011

Barroso’s Albania snub signals EU’s exasperation

In an unprecedented gesture, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso cancelled a trip to Albania, a country entangled a new row over voting. High-ranking Commission officials told EURACTIV that patience with the EU hopeful was wearing thin in Brussels circles.
Global Europe 13-04-2011

EU wants to open single market to Mediterranean countries

Rising to meet an historic challenge, the European Union should offer its southern neighbours the chance to participate in its single market and join the European Economic Area, which currently includes Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, Enlargement and Neighbourhood Commissioner Štefan Füle told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Development Policy 13-04-2011

Štefan Füle: EU won’t allow Arab revolutions to be ‘stolen’

The European Union is not instigating revolution in the Arab world, nor is it trying to impose its values. But once people in Tunisia, Egypt and other counties have embarked on the road to reform, the EU will not allow these revolutions to be stolen, Enlargement and neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Štefan Füle told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Public Affairs 04-03-2011

Füle slams Turkey on media freedom

Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle expressed concern yesterday (3 March) over arrests of journalists in EU hopeful Turkey. Seven journalists have been arrested in an alleged plot to overthrow the government. EURACTIV Turkey contributed to this article.
Global Europe 17-02-2011

Parliament debates Arab ‘democratic tsunami’

Inspired by revolts that have toppled Arab rulers in Tunisia and Egypt, protesters in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen have taken to the streets to demand the resignations of their own heads of state. The European Parliament yesterday (16 February) debated the unfolding events.
Enlargement 16-02-2011

Füle: Albania’s ‘dangerous downward spiral must end’

An increasingly bitter political stalemate and the undermining of national institutions in EU hopeful Albania must stop, Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle told the European Parliament yesterday (15 February).
Enlargement 15-02-2011

EU and Turkey reach ‘stagnation point’ at wrong time

Against a background of unfolding revolutions in the Arab world, speakers at a conference in Istanbul last weekend said Turkey could provide a democratic model for Islamic countries to follow. But ironically, EU-Turkey relations have reached "stagnation point," they said.