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Economy & Jobs 20-03-2020

Stock markets rise on huge economic support plans

Global stock markets pushed higher Friday (20 March) at the end of another volatile week, as weary investors welcomed a worldwide fightback against the coronavirus fallout by governments and central banks. In the eurozone, markets jumped after the European Central...
Economic governance 10-03-2020

As stock markets collapse, IMF calls for support for the coronavirus-infected economy

The International Monetary Fund called on governments worldwide Monday (9 March) to join forces and roll out aggressive financial supports for the coronavirus-infected global economy, including direct payments to workers and businesses.
Economy & Jobs 08-02-2018

Moscovici ‘not worried’ about market turbulences, raises EU growth forecast

European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici said on Wednesday (7 February) he is not worried about the volatility seen in markets, as the Commission revised upwards its growth forecast to 2.3% this year and 2% in 2019, both for the eurozone and the EU as a whole.
Competition 27-02-2017

EU set to block stock market mega merger

London Stock Exchange (LSE) said its proposed merger with Deutsche Börse AG was unlikely to be approved by the European Commission, leaving the stock market operators' third attempt at combining on the brink of failure.
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Euro & Finance 27-10-2014

Mid-market companies: The EU’s unsung heroes?

Mid-market firms – those medium-sized businesses that are larger than most SMEs but smaller than the multi- national corporations that dominate Europe’s stock markets – are crucial to the EU economy. Research into this segment in Germany, France, the UK and Italy has consistently showed that the mid-market makes up less than 2% of Europe’s companies but employs about one-third of workers and contributes one third of private sector GDP.
Brexit 22-03-2010

France wants EU stock trading for ‘high-growth’ SMEs

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde wants the EU to create a single access point for trading shares of young, high-growth businesses and has proposed a range of measures to encourage innovative companies to list on European stock exchanges.

Wise men start Internet consultation on stockmarket regulation

The Committee of "wise men", reviewing Europe's securities' regulations has started a public online consultation via the Internet.

‘Wise Men Group’ to review rules for European stock markets

French Finance Minister Fabius announced the creation of a Group of Wise Men to review the regulation of European security markets.