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Agrifood 11-10-2019

Fourteen mayors sign declaration to promote sustainable food policies in their cities

Fourteen cities announced on Thursday (10 October) that they would pay particular attention to the sustainable and healthy food supply in their cities in the future. This way, they aim to save 60% of the carbon emissions in the food sector. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German chancellor Angela Merkel and British PM David Cameron [Number 10/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 12-06-2014

Cameron and Merkel are the EU Council’s biggest rivals

Germany and the United Kingdom are the two countries who most often went head to head in EU Council votes, new research released on Wednesday (11 June) shows.

Social NGOs call for action in Stockholm

Platform of European Social NGOs calls for action at Stockholm Summit to ensure development of socially inclusive Europe

Balkans and farm crisis hijack Dot-com Summit

Recent events poised to overshadow original agenda of Stockholm European Council

Swedish industry calls for less EU regulation

Swedish Employers' Confederation says replacing EU regulation with bench-marking will help Europe become world's most competitive economy

Call for Stockholm summit to boost economic reforms

CER says progress towards Lisbon targets is 'satisfactory' but success depends on push at Stockholm summit