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Global Europe 23-01-2017

How the arms industry is staging a European coup

The EU is increasingly taking a pro-military stance, as the arms lobby exercises more influence. The election of Antoni Tajani last week as European Parliament president means the arms industry's influence will grow further in the coming years, warns Bram Vranken.
Peter Matjaši?
EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2014

Europe’s youth ready to make their voices heard!

More than 5,000 young European came together last weekend in Strasbourg to discuss participation in the next EU elections, and issues important to youth, such as unemployment, education and the future of Europe. An event that top EU officials declined to attend.
Martin Hurley
Technology 23-04-2014

Removing barriers to e-invoicing

With the EU Parliament's approval of a European standard for e-invoicing in public procurement, we got one step closer to the creation of a true digital single market in Europe. Now, it is time to accelerate the journey towards full digitisation, writes Martin Hurley.
EU Priorities 2020 18-12-2006

‘The polycentric and opportunistic capital of Europe’

Carola Hein, associate professor of Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania writing in the journal Brussels Studies, outlines a new model for a decentralised European capital based in Brussels and other host cities.